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Sweet story about Michael traveling

"In the late 90's I was an International Manager for United Airlines and was working onboard a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

I was notified approximately 45 minutes before departure that Michael Jackson and 3 body guards would be traveling on our flight. He is one of the only people in the world that was allowed to travel under a false name due to the significant security risk of releasing a passenger manifest with his name. This is something the US government has to approve. He did not have to go through customs nor come through the airport. He was brought by police escort directly planeside immediately before takeoff with 3 bodyguards.

He was in first class with one bodyguard next to him and two behind him. I found him to be one of the most kind, funny and gentle people I had ever met.

During the 12 hour flight he came to the galley while his bodyguards were sleeping to talk with the flight attendants and myself. He was fascinated to hear the crews stories of what they did on layovers and expressed how very much he wished he could just go see tourist attractions or simply walk on a beach without having to wear a disguise of some kind. He said he was sincerely jealous of our "normality". He was kind enough to sign autographs for the crew and spent a good 40 minutes talking with us.

Interestingly he asked for a small amount of wine and requested that it be put in a paper coffee cup. He explained that if people saw him with a wine glass someone would write that he was drinking and possibly had a drinking problem. It was sad to see the lenghts he had to go to for a shot glass size amount of wine.

He is still one of the most soft spoken, and kind people I have ever met. He took a sincere interest in the crews lives and their freedom to live them the way the chose.

I pray Michael rests in peace. He deserves so much more from us and the world for his countless contributions! He is as close to American Royalty that we have."

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Michael Jackson Estate Donates $300,000 to Coronavirus Relief Efforts

The Michael Jackson Estate today announced that it is donating $300,000 to coronavirus response efforts to help three communities that have been severely impacted by the Covid 19 virus. Broadway Cares, Three Square Food Bank (Southern Nevada’s largest hunger-relief organization) and MusicCares will each receive a $100,000 donation.

Performers and support staff on Broadway have been left without work and are facing an uncertain future as the theaters remain closed. And in Las Vegas, which has been so welcoming to Michael Jackson, the entire city has been shut down leaving thousands of workers and their families devastated and without an income.

"Michael’s spirit of generosity and helping others during his lifetime is legendary. These donations are inspired by him," they concluded.

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A beautiful story about Michael

In december 1997, my maternal grandparents, joseph and concetta delisi, were on an american airlines flight from JFK to LAX. sitting coach, they were visiting my family for christmas. a couple of hours into the flight, my grandma (literally) falls ill. what started as a stomach ache, ended with granny fainting and tumbling into the aisle.

When she awakes, hovering above (next to my grandpa) and holding out his hand, michael jackson. “are you o.k.?” mj asked, in his delicate voice. He helps grandma up, and invites my grandparents to join him in first class. they accept.

While grandma rests, grandpa enjoys first class service and chats it up with mj. they discuss family, food, and italy (gramps favorite subjects.)

Upon landing, michael offers to drive my grandparents from LAX to my folks house (in the valley.) once again, they accept. with grandma getting pushed through the airport in wheelchair, they make their way to MJ’s limo. however, in an effort to dodge paparazzi, they’re forced to make three limo transfers by jackson’s security. once settled and on the 405N, michael pops-in one of his favorite movies (at the time,) men in black. they watch it together.

Once they arrive at my childhood home, mom opens the front door to find my grandparents standing on the stoop, with michael jackson behind them (holding their bags.) MJ enters the house, puts the bags down, and stands in front of the christmas tree. he is enamored by its beauty and the “family spirit” in the home. My mom, in utter shock, FAILS to grab a camera to document the event, instead invites michael jackson back for a christmas party. he politely declines, returns to his limo, and heads to neverland ranch.

While a photograph was never taken, he left our family with an amazing memory, one that showed us michael jackson’s heart, soul, and genuine kindness.

Source: http://www.chriscantore.com

Michael Jackson - a fashion icon

Part of the new collection from Yves Saint Laurent is inspired by Michael Jackson. This should come as no surprise considering that Michael was an inspiration for many fashion designers.

Michael Jackson’s fashion influence is quite literally unparalleled. Every impossible dance-step he struck and every original costume he put on became a part of an inimitable, legendary legacy.

Check out how he influenced fashion & other artists as well: 8 Ways Michael Jackson Still Inspires Fashion Today

Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine covering many topics including fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway.

Read more about what Vogue has to say about Michael's sense of style or courage to launch new trends: 60 Years Of Michael Jackson, The Fashion Icon

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