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Un inspector de la Institutul de Agricultura(USDA) a fost trimis la propietatea megastarului din California in decembrie 2005 in urma unei plangeri facuta de PETA(Oameni care apara drepturile animalelor).Ei si-au bazat plangerea pe seama unui reportaj publicat de un ziar ca animalelel ar trai in conditii nepotrivite si nu le-ar fi respectate drepturile,fiind tratati cu cruzime.toate aceste acuzatii au fost gasite nefondate.

Interviul lui Raymone Bain la Geraldo

G: Hi Raymone!

RB: Hi Geraldo (she was wearing a black suit with white piping and a three string pearl necklace)

G: First of all Raymone, you know the rumor that swept the world that he is on prescription drugs, on Demoral, that he is abusing these drugs and he's very, very ill ---

RB: Hmm -- Not true. I've seen him, I've spent time with him, we've been on the phone and there's so many other people who have been speaking to him recently -- there's so many people who have spoken to Michael in the last several months, that can verify the fact that he is not drowning in drugs. It is unbelievable how some of these reports are dissiminated.

G: But how often do you speak with him?

RB: I have been speaking to him quite a lot because as I've said, he has been 'hands-on' with regards to work--

G: So when was the last time you spoke to him?

RB: Yesterday.

G: Just yesterday.

RB: Yes. um hmm.

G: Okay so he is focused and you think that he is physically in good shape.

RB: Well I know he's physically in good shape -- I've seen him, I've been in his presence, my team has been in his presence, the artists have been speaking to him constantly back and forth about this project that we're hoping will help tremendously down in the southern --

G: 'I Have This Dream' -- now when is this song being released?

RB: We are looking at releasing it mid-month -- in February -- mid to late February.

G: And will the proceeds will be going to Katrina relief?

RB: Yes.

G: Was he looking for --

RB: Absolutely not --

G: -- begging for a job in Bahrain?

RB: Absolutely NOT! I was astounished in looking at some major reputable news organizations where the headlines were: 'Michael Jackson looks for a job'! The truth is is that a multi-billion dollar entertainment conglomerate has asked him if he would consider becoming an advisor helping to bring entertainment enterprises to the Middle East.

Don't believe 90% of what you read because 9 times out of 10, it isn't true. And this record is happening, we have some absolutely fabulous artists who are participating and we are hoping that it will help tremendously down in the Gulf region of this country.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has just published its updated list of the 150 highest selling artists ever.

The full top 10 goes as follow:

01. The Beatles 40 400,000,000 UK 60s (1962-1970) Rock/Pop Guinness/EMI

02. Michael Jackson 14 350,000,000 US 70s-00s (1979-) Pop/R&B MJ Stats

03. Elvis Presley 150 300,000,000 US 50s-70s (1956-1977) Country/Rock

04. Madonna 16 275,000,000 US 80s-00s (1984-) Pop WBR [1]

Starul Michael Jackson a fost surprins,imbracat in haine specifice femeilor din aceasta zona, miercuri in timp ce facea cumparaturi la un mall din Manama,Bahraim.Impreuna cu cei trei copii si dadaca lor Grace Rwarmba,Michael J. incerca sa-si cumpere o noua pereche de pantofi.Vanzatorilor nu le-a luat prea mult pana l-au recunoscut pe megastar ,mai ales din cauza esarfelor pe care le purtau copii.Jackson a strigat"Please no" in momentul in care fotografii au inceput sa-i faca poze in timp ce acesta se grabea sa parasesca mallul.In timp ce acestia i-au urmat pe megastar ,copii si dadaca,aceasta le-a spus sa se opreasca si sa se dea cativa pasi inapoi.Grace Rwarmba le-a spus acestora ca"trebuie sa ii acordati intimitate",si "trebuie sa va puneti in locul lui ,este si el cu copiii lui..","trebuie sa-l lasati in pace".In ciuda acestui incident,care nu este chiar rar pentru megastar,acesta a strans mainele bodygurzilor din prejurul iesiri.Desigur ca si fotografi au reusit sa il surprinda pe Michael tinadu-l de mana pe fiul lui cel mic Blanket si pe Rwarmba care ii tinea de mana pe ceilalti doi copii,Prince si Paris, in cateva poze care deja fac inconjurul lumii...

michael jackson


Michael Jackson sparge tacerea. In prima sa carte din ultimii 14 ani, Michael incerca sa se explice inca o data lumii. In cartea intitulata "My World", Jackson vorbeste despre idolii copilariei sale, inspiratiile sale si despre trairea unei vieti cu multe privatiuni.In carte se vor regasi peste 40 de poze color cu Michael Jackson, toate din colectia personala a acestuia, poze publicate pentru prima oara.Cartea va fi lansata pe 26 martie.

Jackson si Rowe sunt in tribunal pentru custodia lui Prince Michael (8 ani) si Paris (7 ani), care acum traiesc cu tatal lor in Bahrain si cu al treilea copil al acestuia.Tribunalul i-a ordonat lui Jackson sa-i plateasca avocati lui Debbie.Acum fosta sotie a cantaretului este suparata ca Michael a ramas in urma cu platile.Totusi e absurd sa ajuti pe cineva sa-ti ia copiii ,nu?Miercuri 15 feb judecatorul a fost de acord cu redarea drepturilor parintesti la care Debbie renuntase de buna voie acum cativa ani,motivand ca nu au fost parcurse toate etapele legale.Michael poate face apel.Daca pierde se va ajunge la proces si va trebui facuta o evaluare cu privire la situatia cea mai buna pentru copii.Urmatoarea infatosare are loc pe 17 martie.

Michael calatoreste acum impreuna cu cei trei copii ai sai prin Italia:Roma,Venetia,Florenta,Soretto.

michael jackson
michael jackson

CNN LARRY KING LIVE Interview With Jermaine Jackson;

Update on Imette St. Guillen's Murder Investigation Aired March 6, 2006 - 21:00 ET

LARRY KING, CNN HOST: Tonight, Jermaine Jackson, Michael's oldest brother, in his first TV interview on yesterday's reports that he plans a sensational tell-all book in which he'd write that he feared Michael might be guilty of child molestation but that he supported him because he thought Michael might commit suicide in prison. And then, could there be a break in that gruesome Manhattan murder mystery that's captivated the whole country? Police today questioned a potential suspect, a bouncer at a downtown bar where a beautiful grad student was last seen alive just over a week ago before she was found hours later and miles away raped, murdered and mutilated. We've got all the latest. It's all next on LARRY KING LIVE. Good evening. Over the weekend, the "New York Daily News" ran a story claiming that Jermaine Jackson had planned a tell-all book. In it, the paper said he would reportedly tell readers that he feared his kid brother Michael was actually guilty of the child abuse charges against him. The "Daily News" story also claimed that Jermaine's book would describe Michael as "an out of control drug and booze abuser with a calculated mean streak and a thing for young children." Jermaine Jackson is here tonight and he says it's to set the record straight. OK, were you planning a book?

JERMAINE JACKSON: No, not a book to say these things, no.

KING: Were you planning any kind of book?

JACKSON: There is a book that I was shopping about three years ago called "Legacy" and the manuscript that I had was about five guys growing up in Gary, Indiana, which was the book which was going to lead into a musical but it was nothing of what's out there. There's a whole other manuscript out there and this is -- I'm very, very upset because they were very interested in it and then they turned it down because there was no negativity. There was nothing of any sort of what's being said now.

KING: What did you make or how did you feel when you heard that story?

JACKSON: I was pissed off, very upset, very upset, Larry, because you know where my heart has been since day one. Michael's been 1,000 percent innocent. I have spoken from my heart. I've spoken the truth. And, for me to -- I mean this is not good for me. It's not good for the family and, no, it's all false. It's lies. It's lies, deliberate lies.

KING: Here's what they say. "After seeing the story himself, Michael threw a raging fit and made drastic threats so that shaken older sibling Jermaine pulled the plug on the book." In other words, Michael was so mad at you about the book that he went crazy and caused you to drop the book.

JACKSON: Not at all. Where is this coming from? Where is this coming from? See, I know there was a person and don't want to mention his name but he was supposed to have been a family friend and he has turned on the whole entire family. Michael's people called me and they asked me was this true and I told them no and I sent them my manuscript, which is totally different from what was said. They traced an e-mail of a very ugly manuscript back to this person and I don't want to mention his name but...

KING: Was he supposed to be a ghost writer for you?

JACKSON: He was supposed to have been the writer for the "Legacy" book, which is just -- it's about our childhood and growing up, nothing negative or anything. That's why they passed on my book because I had nothing ugly to say.

KING: Is there another book out there that's false?

JACKSON: I don't have any idea. I'm here just to clear my name. There is no book about Michael, no negativity. I stand behind him 1,000 percent, like I said, since day one and he's still that wonderful person that he's always been.

KING: We spoke with ghost writer Stacy Brown who said there was a book proposal out there more than two years ago called "Legacy" and that it came to an end when Michael found out about it.

JACKSON: No, it did not come to an end when Michael found out about it. It came to an end when someone, like himself, was putting out a whole other manuscript that wasn't telling the truth, going behind my back. And, I say it again, Michael's people called him and they told me they traced an e-mail back to him.

KING: To you knowledge does someone have a manuscript out there purported to be by you damaging to Michael?

JACKSON: I don't know. I'm just hearing this but I...

KING: You've never seen such a manuscript?

JACKSON: I've never seen such a manuscript but I'm saying things -- my saying that I said this and that and that's not true. They could have put it out there through someone else and they're hiding behind someone else.

KING: OK. Michele Caruso (ph), who wrote the story, says she stands by it.

JACKSON: She stands by it. Who is that?

KING: She's the writer of the story so she stands by her source I guess.

JACKSON: Well, can I tell you something?

KING: She's with the "New York Daily News."

JACKSON: She's wrong. She stands by it because nothing, nothing positive is going to sell. Listen, why would I -- why would I defend my brother like I did and stand by him all this time, then all of a sudden come out with something that's just so stupid? It's crazy. We're a strong family, Larry, and they don't want to see that and I am sick and tired, I am tired of people saying things and saying that I've said things. Michael and this family are very close. Michael's doing fine. We are rebuilding. We are getting back to our lives and we got a lot of good things in store and this is just to separate and tear down what we're trying to come back with, which is good music with great messages and to give love to the world. That's what we do. I am...

KING: Was Harper Collins the publisher that you had taken it to?

JACKSON: We had spoken to them and they acted like that they were very excited. I have the original manuscript that's totally different from what's out there and all of a sudden I get a call that they were not going to go with it which I don't have no idea why.

KING: And that's -- well maybe it's because it was too kind there. There was nothing controversial in it right?

JACKSON: Yes, but this is, Larry, this is -- this is a book that's going to be depicted from a musical and I'm really, really shocked that this is out there because this was old news way, way back and it was put aside but then someone came...

KING: You mean the original book?

JACKSON: Yes, but someone came back and they just brought all this up again which is not good.

KING: I just want to get through this. According to the original "Daily News" report, the book proposal says that Jermaine feared his kid brother Michael might be guilty of child molestation but backed him at the trial because he thought the pop star would commit suicide."

JACKSON: Larry, you're asking me that? Now you know as well as I know...

KING: I'm just telling you what they're saying.

JACKSON: Don't tell me what they said. Give me facts because that's not true. That's not true. I was here in this studio telling you how I felt. You felt me. You believe me. The world believed me. Michael has never been guilty of anything.

KING: Yes, one would say it would be hard to believe that you would turn on your brother.

JACKSON: Please.

KING: According to the Daily News, "The tell-all outline shopped to publishers weeks after Michael's arrest. Jermaine described his brother as sometimes out of control, drug and booze abuser, calculating mean streak and a thing for young children." Where on earth did that come from?

JACKSON: I'll tell you what there are some sick people out there and they saw my love and my support for my family and Michael and they want to use me and I'm the wrong one to use because I talk and I'm speaking now. That's all lies and I'm just shocked that no one from the "New York Post" or anybody -- they know how to get in touch with my family.

KING: "New York News."

JACKSON: Oh, for the "New York News" they know how to get in touch with us. Why didn't somebody verify?

KING: You were never called for...

JACKSON: Nothing, nothing, because it sells especially when it comes to something that's so prefabricated about us. I'm just saying this. Michael went through so much. Who's going to give him his life back? Who's going to give him back what he lost as just a person, a person? I mean he's still trying to rebuild his life back, not just Michael, the family, our children, everybody. People don't realize what we went through and to just to create more lies. Leave us alone. Let us do what we know how to do but leave us alone.

KING: The "New York Daily News" never called you for a comment? They did not call you?


KING: The eight-page proposal, according to the News, lists Michael's preferred substances as Vicodin, Demerol, Codeine, Percocet, cocaine, Jack Daniels and wine.

JACKSON: Well, I'll tell you what, that's not Michael Jackson. They're talking about someone else.

KING: And there's no such thing to your knowledge as an eight- page proposal of a book that contained anything like this?



JACKSON: Not coming from Jermaine Jackson, no.

KING: And this Stacy Brown is that a man or a woman?

JACKSON: He's a man.

KING: He wrote the first book right?

JACKSON: There was no book written. He was going to...

KING: I mean I thought he wrote "Legacy."

JACKSON: No, he was going to be the ghost writer of "Legacy" but I started feeling certain things from him. It changed and that's when we broke off the relationship and I just mean the whole family. And then he would say things. When you spoke to me from the Middle East he would say things because I was watching you guys back here in the news and everything, he was saying things that would leave the people thinking that Michael's guilty in this. I said "Why is Stacy saying these things?" He knows the truth.

KING: Do you think he is responsible for this eight-page outline?

JACKSON: I would say he had something to do with it, yes.

KING: We'll take a break and be right back with Jermaine Jackson. Don't go away. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: We're back with Jermaine Jackson. According to the "Daily News" the book proposal was written by Stacy Brown, who you called an opportunist right?

JACKSON: If that's what you want to call him, yes.

KING: They quote you as saying you called him an opportunist.


KING: The proposal said that...

JACKSON: That was a wrong quote. I've never called him...

KING: You never said it?

JACKSON: opportunist, no, but see that's the facts but he is probably all of that and more, to befriend us and then do this.

KING: So, he's faked this book which is not true under your name?

JACKSON: Yes. He did a book with Bob Jones, if you recall that didn't do well and that was another betrayal and I -- I just -- do you know what -- just like I said before I come here to talk about this stuff and I really don't like to do this. I like to talk about good things.

KING: Well, naturally.


KING: Are you going to sue him?

JACKSON: That's not a bad idea. Well, do you know what, maybe that needs to happen because then that will show, tell people to leave us alone really.

KING: You could sue him.

JACKSON: That's just terrible.

KING: And the "Daily News."

JACKSON: Well, I'll tell you I will talk to my legal people and we will come with the best decision.

KING: This even says that according -- this is according to the Daily News, "Michael hates the Jews...


KING: ...because he thinks Hollywood mogul Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen stole the idea of DreamWorks, including the boy on the moon logo from him."

JACKSON: I'll tell you what, see this is somebody trying to destroy and they're very vicious lies. We don't -- we weren't raised to hate any race, any nationality of people, so it's not true. It's not true at all. This stuff is -- is -- why would they pick the Jews? Why wasn't it the Cubans or the -- or the Russians, why the Jews?

KING: But, boy, there's a lot of stuff in here and if it's not true you can go...

JACKSON: It's thick. It's thick. I'm going to have a good time going after somebody.

KING: Allegations that he and -- that his and Michael's father Joseph would be in prison if the mother hadn't protected him.

JACKSON: Ah, see, Larry please, please.

KING: You were writing about your dad engaging young Michael in late night hotel room meetings with important business people and wondered whether something happened to Michael at those sessions.

JACKSON: Larry, please.

KING: This is tough stuff.

JACKSON: This is crazy stuff. Can you not read anymore please...

KING: OK, we're almost done.

JACKSON: ...because people are listening to this stuff and it's sick. It is very sick and they -- how can we be a people who write music with positive messages to behave like this? You tell me. And, for people to say these things is jealousy. It's envy. They're afraid that we're going to create something positive and this is their way of trying to stop good from happening.

KING: So, straightforward you're denying the whole thing?

JACKSON: Everything you said and I can prove it by showing the world my manuscript, the original manuscript of "Legacy."

KING: Well, do you intend to sue?

JACKSON: I'm going to sue now, now that you've mentioned it a few times.

KING: No, I mean...

JACKSON: Yes. Yes.

KING: There's no other way or else it looks like, you know, you should...


KING: The courts are the last resort.

JACKSON: You're right, Larry.

KING: That's where people go. A couple of other quick things, Michael is where in Bahrain?


KING: How's he doing?

JACKSON: He's doing wonderful. He's gained some weight. He's happy and he's running on the beach. I spoke to him. He's doing 300 pushups a day and doing sit-ups. He's getting those muscles back and he's getting ready.

KING: Going to go singing again?

JACKSON: Of course. He's going to make music. We did a song for the hurricane victims, which is doing very, very -- it's coming along well. It's been taking a bit of time to get out there but it's going to be released and it's -- see there again he's spending his time trying to help and trying to contribute. Now what do you call a person like that, a good person right? Who cares? And that's what it's about. That's what we're here for to care, to give back. That's what we're here for.

KING: How's his family?

JACKSON: Fine, fine. And all these things about his children, I'm tired, we're tired. I mean to tell the truth the Middle East is a peaceful place. It's very peaceful, very peaceful.

KING: He enjoys it. Have you been over to see him?

JACKSON: Yes, yes.

KING: Thanks, Jermaine.

JACKSON: Thank you very much.

KING: Jermaine Jackson and I think there's going to be a suit.


O investigatie a statului a aratat ca Michael nu si-a platit unii angajati din decembrie,iar la unii salariati lipsesc si asigurarile.Deci i s-a solicitat sa plateasca sumele restante si amenzile in valoare totala de $470.000

Evitand un potential proces Michael Jackson a fost de acord sa plateasca sutele de mii de dolari cerute."Reprezentantii lui Jackson vor distribui salariile joi direct angajatilor",s-a precizat intr-un comunicat al Departamentului de Relatii Industriale.


DECLARATIA LUI R. BAIN 17 Martie 2006 Declaratie referitoare la ferma Neverland

Este un fapt cunoscut de public ca domnul Jackson locuieste acum in Orientul Mijlociu,in Bahrain. De aceea a decis sa isi inchida casa si sa reduca personalul.Aceasta este o practica frecventa cand resedinta nu este locuita pentru o perioada mai lunga de timp. Repoartele care indica ca Neverland-ul a fost inchis permanent sunt complet false.





KING:Ai mai vorbit cu Michael Jackson? MINELLI:Desigur ca am mai vorbit. KING:Ce mai face el? MINELLI:Foarte bine.Este un barbat minunat,Larry, care a trecut printr-un chin groaznic,asa cum stii.Sa treci prin asa ceva si sa ramai persoana dintotdeauna,care este dulce,draga,talentata,e extraordinar.Il stiu de cand era mic. Nu pot sa-mi imaginez cum s-a putut simti,noroc doar ca am vorbit mult cu el. Cred ca este devastator si este genul de situatie care te face sa-ti fie rau de la stomac. Stii,cand se decid sa se ia de o persoana si doar asta fac. Am vazut asta de multe ori,sa stii.

michael jackson
michael jackson

"Michael a fost condus prin zona Saar cand a vazut o casa care i-a placut. Nu a ezitat sa cheme familia si sa-i intrebe daca vor sa-si vanda casa"."Familia a fost mirata de aparitia neasteptata a superstarului si amuzata de oferta, i-au spus ca nu e de vanzare casa, dar e binevenit la cina".

Un judecator a ordonat luni avocatilor lui Michael Jackson si Debbie Rowe sa predea copiile documentelor lipsa de la divortul cuplului.Judecatorul Curtii Superioare, Robert Schnider, a ordonat avocatei lui Rowe, Marta Almli, sa furnizeze copii ale motiunii lui Rowe din 2001 cand aceasta a renuntat la drepturile parintesti privind cei doi copii pe care ii are cu Jackson.Avocatilor lui Jackson, Michael Abrams si Thomas Hall, li s-a ordonat sa furnizeze copii ale opozitiei artistului la motiune.

Pe Amazon a aparut chiar acum o noua carte numita "My World: The Official Photobook Vol. 1". Nu s-a publicat nici o editura inca,dar probabil ca aceasta problema va fi remediata in scurt timp.

michael jackson

Michael Jackson a spus joi ca a ajuns la o intelegere cu creditorii pentru a refinanta mai mult de 200 milioane de dolari (imprumuturi) care au fost asigurati cu o parte din catalogul Sony ATV.

Dar conditiile acordului nu au fost dezvaluite,si nu este inca foarte clar daca Jackson a fost fortat sa renunte la o parte din catalog.

Interesul lui Sony in a-l tine pe Jackson solvabil este faptul ca acestia nu doresc ca melodiile din catalog sa fie supuse la o licitatie unde ei ar putea sa le piarda in fata altei companii.

Va reamintim ca T. Mesereau a precizat in timpul procesului ca catalogul in discutie valoreaza intre 2-4 miliarde.Plus Michael detine si alte bunuri precum resedinte sau chiar catalogul cu propriile cantece.Deci nu poate fi vorba asa cum se discuta in presa de faliment.Michael este foarte bogat,dar nu are lichiditati cu care sa plateasca aceste datorii sau anumite facturi,fara sa fie nevoit sa vanda ceva.Situatia lui financiara se poate imbunatati simtitor in momentul cand vor fi lansate materiale noi.Si noi abia asteptam :-)))

Un judecator federal a hotarat ca procesul de abuz impotriva lui Michael Jackson ,intentat de un barbat din Louisiana sa nu mai continue.

Joseph Bartucci pretinde ca a fost momit in limuzina lui Jackson in 1984 si tinut ostatic pentru 9 zile.Bertucci mai sustine ca a fost abuzat atat sexual cat si psihic in timpul acestei calatorii catre California si inapoi.

Conform inregistrariilor din sala de judecata ,presupusa victima a sustinut ca si-a reprimat amintirile legate de caz pana in momentul in care a vazut o emisiune televizata despre fostul proces impotriva lui Michael J.

Hotararea judecatorului dateaza de joi si a fost publicata luni pe site.

"Suntem multumiti de rezultate "a declarat luni purtatorul de cuvant al megastarului,Brian Oxman ."Este timpul sa mergem mai departe catre lucruri mai bune".

Michael Jackson a facut un mare pas inainte spre intoarcerea la cariera muzicala,semnand un contract cu Two Seas Records,o casa de discuri din Bahrain rezultata prin fuziunea dintre Michael si Abdullah Hamed Al-Khalifa.

Michael lucreaza acum la un nou album care va fi lansat in 2007.

Guy Holmes ,un director executiv din Marea Britanie,va fi noul manager a lui Michael.Acesta este cunoscut cel mai bine pentru succesul cantecului "Crazy frog",care a fost insotit de un videoclip animat foarte amuzant.

Se pare ca acest comunicat de presa:

Michael Jackson ne va uimi in urmatoarele saptamani cu un nou cantec intitulat "Procesul secolului":-) a spus ca acest cantec se va gasi pe o compilatie a lui Whoo Kid "MJ Unit -- The Takeover,"care va mai contine alte cinci melodii nelansate pana acum si mai multe remixuri ale unor hituri mai vechi a lui Mj.

a fost doar o gluma foarte proasta si nu este adevarat.

Sue Harris,de la noua casa de discuri a lui Michael a spus la MTV:"I do not know who put this story out, certainly not us, but it doesn't surprise me." "As far as we are concerned, details regarding the recording of Michael Jackson's albums are being kept under wraps ."

"We will not be making any comments as to who may or may not be working with Michael Jackson in the studio. We will not be making any announcements, nor will we be reacting to any speculation or reports in the media."

Totusi alte surse precizeaza ca primul single de pe noul album a lui Michael va fi lansat pe 21 noiembrie.Melodia va fi produsa de Bruce Swedien,un colaborator mai vechi a lui Michael care a produs si Thriller si a lucrat si la albumul Dangerous.

Un proces intentat in 2004 de un barbat care are acum 20 de ani si sustine ca a fost molestat de Jackson la sfarsitul anilor '80 a fost transferat in Los Angeles.Vechea poveste,nu va ingrijorati...

michael jackson


Teddy Riley is a man who needs no introduction. Yep, yep, he's the King of New Jack Swing, who's innovative sound paved the way for many of today's R&B artists. His work with the likes of Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson and his own groups Guy and Blackstreet have sold millions of copies worldwide. It has been 3 years since the last Blackstreet album, but they are back on the road along with Guy and have new albums in the works. We caught up with Teddy to talk plans for the future, Michael Jackson, Lil' Man Records and protégés new and old.

Greg:  Hi Teddy, welcome to Underground Soul and thank you for your time.

Teddy:  Thank You for having me.

Greg:  There has been a bit of a New Jack Swing revival lately. How has the tour with Blackstreet and Guy been going?

Teddy:  Been going great man. If it wasn't we wouldn't be continuing, you know that! But it's going really great man. I can't even say you have your ups and downs because everything has been up for us. Selling out everywhere and it's doing really good. I have no complaints and people are really happy when they walk away.

Greg: How many more dates have you got on the tour?

Teddy: You know what, I really don't know about the dates all I know is we're going somewhere about a week before. I don't really keep up with the schedule; I just know we have a bunch of dates.

Greg: What's next after the tour?

Teddy: I have to go work with Michael Jackson and I have to work on these Blackstreet and Guy albums. So I have a lot of things that need to be done. I put that off to do the tour, but now it's time to really get to work so that we can stay out on the road. Because how long can we play our original stuff, our old stuff, without a record. People will get tired of that. Ok we heard the good stuff, now give us some more good. That's what we're trying to prepare for and if we wait too long it will be late next year. We want to try and get it out either late this year or the beginning of next year. For Blackstreet we are looking at late 4th quarter for our first single with a B Side of a Christmas song. For Guy we are trying to do the same thing. With Michael Jackson, if we could do a 4th quarter, which I doubt, it'll happen. If not we'll definitely do a 2nd quarter next year.

Greg: Are there other people working with Michael Jackson on his record or just yourself?

Teddy: There will be other people working on there but he's looking at me doing some quarterbacking on the project. I'm probably the one who is gonna foresee this project going forward on the music technology production side getting everybody to finish their projects, and hopefully he designates me to be that quarterback.

Greg: I played all the tracks you did with Michael on "Dangerous" earlier. I feel they were way ahead of their time.

Teddy: That's why it is still playing. It's pretty much the way all of my music is made, even with Guy and Blackstreet. I kinda follow the Prince, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson formula - be ahead of your time so that your records are still playing years later.

Greg: Would you say the "Dangerous" album is one of your favourite projects?

Teddy: Yeah, it is one of my favourites along with Bobby Brown, Guy and Blackstreet.

Greg: I love your remix of "I Don't Wanna Fall In Love" by Jane Child.

Teddy: Yeah. That's one of my favourites. Kept me in the business!

Greg: Which projects do you feel should have been bigger? I always felt that Bobby Brown's "Bobby" album should have been huge.

Teddy: Yeah, the thing about the Bobby album is that they jerked me again on the first single, but it's alright, everything happens for a reason. I felt like if they had put out "Getaway" or something smooth like "One More Night", or "That's The Way Love Is", you know what I'm saying. "That's The Way Love Is" should have been a leading single. That "Humpin' Around" record didn't make no sense. But that was the A&R's that were in charge having favouritism of producers.

Greg: Are you going to be working with Bobby on his comeback?

Teddy: I don't know. He's sent a message through a few people that the only person he wants working on this album is Teddy Riley. But it is gonna be too late as I'm gonna be in Bahrain with Michael, Guy and Blackstreet with my writing and production team so it's probably gonna be too late.

Greg: What label are these projects going to come out on?

Teddy: Can't tell you yet! But Michael is pretty much with his bag of tricks. He's always coming up with the greatest plans so I'm waiting for his word. (Ed: Since the interview it has been reported that Michael Jackson has signed an exclusive recording agreement with Bahrain-based Two Seas Records. The label is a joint venture between the Michael Jackson and Abdulla Hamad Al-Khalifa.)

Greg: So I take it that you are solely concentrating on those 3 projects right now then?

Teddy: Right, but I have groups that I am signing. I am trying to sign SWV, Silk, Next - all the new legends. I'm trying to sign them so that I can do a big phenomenal concert package on the road with my own tour support and these groups not having to worry about if they sell out tickets. If we take it overseas we can do 10,000 seaters with 5 groups - Next, Silk, SWV, Blackstreet, Guy - you know what I am saying. That would be a great ticket and with tour support they don't have to worry about guarantees.

Greg: What is the current Blackstreet Line Up? There is yourself, Mark Middleton, Eric Williams and I hear you have a new member.

Teddy: Yeah, his name is Jay. We call him Brown (laughs) because he's not Black he's Brown. (Ed: In reference to founder member Chauncey "Black" Hannibal.)

Greg: Where did you find him?

Teddy: I actually met him a long time ago and he was in a duet group, him and his buddy, and when we were looking for a new member of Blackstreet he was on my mind and I said this is the cat that we need. I just put out an APB and we found him.

Greg: Are you still in touch with Chauncey at all?

Teddy: Yeah. I just spoke to Chauncey last week.

Greg: Any chance that he will be on the new record?

Teddy: Well he's working on his new album. It should be out 3rd quarter, something like that.

Greg: So how would you differentiate between the sound of Blackstreet and Guy?

Teddy: Oh, it's really different. I mean Guy is more of like the hyper New Jack Swing and Blackstreet is more like the smooth tone New Jack Swing.

Greg: A few years ago Aaron Hall was asked to define New Jack Swing. He said it was his voice and Teddy Riley's music.

Teddy: That's what it is! It is pretty much everyone who has contributed to New Jack Swing, their voice and my music. Bobby Brown's voice, my music. Michael Jackson's voice, my music.

Greg: So how would you define New Jack Swing?

Teddy: I always define it as the new kid on the block that is swinging it with Teddy Riley's music.

Greg: You mentioned Quincy Jones, and I know he is a massive influence on you. I always wanted you to do that Quincy Jones style project. An album by Teddy Riley with both established and up and coming artists singing and you as the producer. The likes of Michael, Bobby Brown, Aaron Hall, Big Bub..

Teddy: There will be a time for that. It's kinda like planning out the next 20 years of my career and there will definitely be a time for that. I just need to get everyone back together. Once I get everyone back together we'll have another millennium version of "We Are The World" and a bunch of things. I have my composers and my scores and we are gonna do movies and TV projects. So just look forward to it.

Greg: It is also well documented that you nurtured the likes of The Neptunes and Rodney Jerkins. You must be proud of what they have achieved.

Teddy: I'm blessed and definitely proud. I'm proud of God blessing me with all the things that are happening for me. Because at one moment, just like everyone else, at certain moments you see that your career isn't going in the direction that you want it to go in. But I kept God first and kinda preyed along the way and he steered it back and got it back on the road! That's a great feeling, I'm really proud of him.

Greg: Talking about your career not going in the direction you wanted it to, let's go back to the late 90's with your Lil' Man Record label on Interscope. Following on from the massive success of the 2nd Blackstreet album you looked all set to go with the label. The Queen Pen album was released but we never heard from your other artists 911, Mike E, Nutta Butta and David Miller for example. Was it your choice not to release those albums?

Teddy: I just thought that my career in that aspect was being held back. I was threshold, my label was threshold. It was basically people who didn't believe in the next music. When I did Queen Pen it became successful with only a little bit of push, it did well. As a new label you gotta believe in your artists, and I always believed in my artists, but I didn't have the backing.

Greg: You also had a deal with Virgin to do a solo project called, "Blackrock". Why did that never see the light of day?

Teddy: Because my music man was gone, they let him go. He was the guy who believed in me. The rest of them didn't understand the Blackrock concept, but they still went ahead and tried to put it out overseas and leak it so that I don't use it anymore, which I wasn't trying to do. Once I shut down a project it's shut down, it'll never come out, but Virgin went ahead and still leaked it and gave away whatever they could of what they had.

Greg: So you don't really re-use tracks?

Teddy: No I never re-use tracks like that, unless somebody request that I remake. like NSync when I did "Just Got Paid" over, they asked for it and I did it.

Greg: "Look In The Water" on the last Blackstreet album was originally a Mike E song though wasn't it?

Teddy: Yeah, it was a Mike E song that never came out. These guys really wanted it so I said let's do it. There's another song that I want to re-use for Blackstreet which is a song that Michael Jackson did called "Heaven Can Wait".

Greg: Pharrell Williams co-wrote "Look In The Water" didn't he and Mike E was originally part of the Neptunes. Were the Neptunes going to be a group with Mike E singing and Pharrell rapping?

Teddy: Yes it was, but Mike E pulled out of it, quit.

Greg: But you kept in touch and brought him back as a solo artist?

Teddy: Yeah, we always stay in touch. In fact Mike E just e-mailed me yesterday.

Greg: Any plans for you to ever collaborate with the Neptunes? I know Pharrell always speaks very highly of you.

Teddy: Well that would be on them. If they request it I'd do it. I'm there. Anytime they request of me to do something or be somewhere, I'm there. Just to support and be back-up, I'm always with following up and supporting the artists and producers I bring forth. But it's really on them to do the same thing. I'll leave that to the Neptunes.

Greg: So moving forward with your new projects are you looking for a label that will back you 100%?

Teddy: We have our backing; we have everything that we need to put these projects out ourselves. We're just trying to do the last thing that our funders are looking for which is do our own distribution plan so that none of our records are threshold and we can put out and sell as many records as we want without them stopping the production.

Greg: Have you got any other hot young producers in your camp at the moment that you are excited about?

Teddy: I have a few producers that's up and coming. We have a kid named Jason, we have a kid named J-Styles, a kid named J-Mathis, we have another kid that's coming - he's top secret. We're right now in the middle of negotiating something and I don't want to publicise his name. When he comes he's a beast! We got definitely what we would call the next Neptunes.

Greg: Have you got any writers? You did some great work with legendary Leon Sylvers III.

Teddy: Those guys that I mentioned are writers as well. J-Styles and a few other people. Also people who came from the Blackstreet albums like Karen Anderson and Sheri Blair.

Greg: What happened to Tammy Lucas?

Teddy: She's still around. She just recently sent me her love through a mutual friend of ours and if I call her she would definitely come and be on the project as well.

Greg: How is your Brother Markell and Aqil Davidson these days? (Ed: Markell Riley and Aqil Davidson made up the group Wreckx'N'Effect)

Teddy: My Brother is a family man now; he has his construction company and doing his thing in North Carolina. I haven't heard from Aqil.

Greg: So no Wreckx'N'Effect reunion then?

Teddy: I don't see it. I mean if it happens it happens but I don't see it because my Brother is pretty much finished with the business. He's comfortable and he can just live life. He's pretty much finished with music.

Greg: Finally, if you had to pick one song from your massive catalogue which would it be?

Teddy: Erm.. "Remember The Time"!

Greg: Great song. Teddy, I hope that all your projects go well for you this year.

Teddy: I know, God Bless', it will. So far I'm feeling it. I'm just trying to stay calm, get my rest when I need it and keep it moving. I'm just trying to stay on the same formula that I've been on. The hardest working underground man in the business!

Greg: Thank you very much again for your time.

Teddy: Thank You man. Take care.

25 May 2006



By Fiona Cummins, Showbiz Reporter

THE handshake is surprisingly firm - and the hug totally unexpected - as pop legend Michael Jackson grants me a private audience.

The singer was in buoyant mood yesterday when we met at the London offices of Harrods, owned by his close pal Mohamed Al Fayed.

He swept in at 1.05pm without fanfare, no bodyguards, no entourage - and barely a trace of make-up.

It was his first face-to-face interview since being acquitted of child abuse last year - and I wasn't sure what to expect.

But Jacko - who has often given the impression that he prefers to keep people at arm's length - greeted me like an old friend.

Smiling broadly he held out his hand, then threw his arms around me, giving me a whiff of his sweet-smelling perfume.

He looked totally different from the gaunt, hunched figure who emerged weighing just six stone at the end of his US trial last June.

And the 47-year-old star was more than happy to chat after finally emerging from his self-imposed exile in Bahrain.

He seemed relaxed as he talked about rebuilding his tarnished career and his plans to create a new Neverland - in Britain. He said: "I'm here in London on business for a couple of days. I love it here.

"I'm looking for a place to live. I've always liked the UK and I just love the fans here."

He grinned as he added: "I'm also visiting my good friend Mohamed - 'cos he's the man."

Jacko has lined up a series of business meetings in the UK and will be looking at a luxury properties in and around the capital.

He also plans to view places in Scotland and Ireland in a bid to re-create the funfair-style California ranch that was once his sanctuary.

Asked about his health, Jacko insisted: "I'm fine - very well thanks. I'm feeling good." He says he is also working on a new album - his first since Invincible in 2001.

Then, with a gentle pat on the back, he said goodbye and we went our separate ways.

As I left to catch the Tube back to the office and he headed to his chauffeur-driven limo, I could still detect the faint aroma of his perfume on my hand.

And I think I may have witnessed the first tentative steps of Jacko's emergence from the shadows.


Sambata 27 mai 2006,Michael va primi din parte MTV Japonia premiul "Legend Award" la festiviatate Mtv Video Music Awards Japonia.Cat timp se va afla in aceasta tara ,Michael,ale carui cantece au fost intotdeauna in primele locuri in topurile de specialitate si a vandut peste 100 de milioane de albume doar in acest colt al lumii,va vizita orfelinate si va face un tur al orasului Tokio.

Michael a spus: "I look forward to my visit to Japan because I have so many fond memories of my visits there. I thank MTV Japan for this honor, and Mr. Morris for spearheading this visit. I look forward to seeing old friends, and saying hello to my huge fan base in Japan, who, like my other fans around the world, have for so many years consistently shown their love and support to me and my family."

Bain a anuntat ca dupa aceasta scurta vizita cantaretul se va intoarce la inregistrarea noului sau album care va fi lansat in 2007.


michael jackson

























michael jackson

Mtv Music Awards Japan 2006

michael jackson

Discursul lui Michael de la 2006 VMAJ Awards in Japonia:

"I'd like to say to the Japanese people from the bottom of my heart, 'I love you very, very much' "

"I thank the fans around the world and I thank the fans in Japan.

"I promised myself I wouldn't be emotional when I got up here," he continued, as his voice cracked and trailed off. "I think you are very sweet, generous and kind people."

"I thank all the people who believed in me. I believe in you."

"I thank my children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, who have been there for me" ."I love them very much."

"I love you and thank you for your loyalty".


michael jackson


michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

Michael Jackson a vizitat un orfelinat din Tokio sambata.Multimea de fani si de cameramani de afara au alergat dupa masina lui.A fost o scena ireala,parca desprinsa dintr-un film!

Inauntru, copii de la orfelinatul Seibi Gakuen au dat un spectacol de 15 minute cu muzica traditionala pentru Michael.Acestia au fost imbracati in chimonouri si au insotit muzica cu dansuri specifice japoneze.Dupa Michael s-a urcat pe scena si a adresat multimii cateva cuvinte.

"Sunt foarte fericit sa fiu aici",a spus Jackson."Sunt foarte bucuros sa fiu alaturi de toti acesti oameni minunati."

"Va iubesc pe toti",a zis Michael unei multimi care il aclama.Dupa el i-a soptit cve translatorului.Se pare ca l-a intrebat cum spune aceast lucru in japoneza.dupa a adaugat:"Aishiteru!" .

Zambind a dat mai tarziu mana cu copiii si le-a semnat autografele.

"Este foarte inalt si arata foarte cool.Nu ii cunosc cantecele dar l-am vazut la televizor dansand",a spus unul din copii.

Profesorii au precizat ca au fost foarte surprinsi cand au auzit de vizita ;ui Jackson.

"Nimeni nu a putut sa creada ca un star de importanta lui Michael ne-ar putea face o vizita",a spus directoarea.

" Copiii nu m-au crezut decat cand au vazut la stiri ieri ca Michael este intr-adevar in Japonia".

michael jackson michael jackson
michael jackson michael jackson



michael jackson

SMAP members are standing, totally mystified by what has happened. The music which they were singing to was suddenly stopped. Shingo Katori is lying on the floor because he got upset.

There is a writing on top left, saying "Michael appears in SMAPxSMAP as a total surprise to the members!"

Narrator: Now the meeting of a lifetime!

Masahiro Nakai: Who's there?

Staff: Sorry, but it is somebody special.

"Beat It" starts playing.

Michael is waving at the SMAP members from upstairs.

SMAP members are standing, dropping jaws. Looking at Michael making a peace sign, they make peace signs, too.

Michael descends the stairs to the studio.

Clapping from the people in the studio. SMAP members do not know how to react.

SMAP: "This is impossible!" "I am getting goose bumps (meaning this is too great a sensation)!!!" "WOW WOW WOW"

Michael touches SMAP members' hands with his.

The Japanese writing on top left says, "Michael comes to SMAPxSMAP!"

Nakai: Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson's name is on the screen.

Nakai: Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson?

Michael: Yeah.

Members: Really? Hello.

Takuya Kimura (in green T-shirt): You are not the impersonator from Roppongi (a popular district in Tokyo), are you?

Members still cannot believe that Michael is here.

Nakai: Are you really Michael Jackson?

Michael: Yes. Very happy to be here. I enjoyed the performance. It was very nice. (Japanese interpreter translates what Michael says.)

Members: Unbelievable!

Nakai: So, our music was stopped because Michael Jackson came to the studio, wasn't it?

Kimura: Of course they would stop the music (if Michael comes in). The music should be stopped.

Kimura: So, the staff knew all along that Michael was watching us perform, didn't they?

Michael: Yes, I enjoyed it, very much.

Kimura: Oh, common, (the staff tricked us)!

Goro Inagaki (in while long-sleeved shirt) is smiling and in happy spirits.

Nakai: Would you like to sit here?

Kimura: Let's change the music. Let's play "We Are the World".

Nakai: Tell me, tell me, what brought you here?
Is this the right microphone? Should I use this microphone? Can I talk without microphone, can I?

Staff's voice: You can talk without the microphone.

Nakai: So, I can talk without the microphone.

Kimura: We don't need any microphone. Our spirits are sky high and we do not need any microphone. It's OK.

Nakai: So, what brought you here today?

(Translator makes a slight mistake in translation here, and asks Michael, "How did you get here?")

Michael: Oh, we drove today, to see you. We drove to see you. To surprise you.

Loud clapping from the staff.

Michael: We enjoyed it.

Michael shakes hands with Nakai.

Nakai: Your hand is very beautiful.

Michael: Oh, God bless you (shakes hands with Nakai again).

Michael: Now, I am very happy to be here in Japan, and I think you are wonderful, lovely people. I mean it. Thank you for accepting me. Really.

Nakai: What is happening here?

Kimura: This is what we call "too big surprise".

Nakai: I cannot host this program anymore (from too much excitement).

Nakai: I do not know how to proceed with the show. My mind is not working properly.

Kimura: What I think is this. The moment Michael entered the studio, you, Nakai, directly returned to yourself who went to Michael's concert with us as a passionate fan. All you have experienced since then is somehow suspended right now.

Nakai: I just don't know how to react. I cannot react.

Kimura: I see you can't.

Translator says "They are happy to see you."

Michael: Likewise.

Nakai: I cannot think of what to ask. I am totally unprepared. Do you know about us?

Michael: (Pointing at the background of the studio) It's beautiful.

Kimura: This is called LED, a new technology we recently started using. (SMAP uses LED for their concerts, too.)

Nakai: But this device gets out of order from time to time.

Nakai: Noise gets in sometimes.

Kimura: Can I ask a question to the staff? When we were rehearsing, you told us that there were noises and we had to rehearse again. That was a lie, wasn't it?

Nakai: You don't need to ask question to the staff now. Let's talk with Michael Jackson more. You are Michael Jackson, aren't you? (He still cannot believe it.)

Katori: Me, please. When I saw Michael on the stage of the Tokyo Dome when I was 10, 11 years old, I promised myself that I would stand on the same stage as you in future. And we could do the concerts in the Tokyo Dome.

Michael: Oh, God bless you.

Michael shakes hands with Katori.

Katori: Thank you so much.


Katori: I can stop working from tomorrow (now that my dream has come true).

Michael laughs.

Nakai: Let's introduce ourselves. Self-introduction. OK? Self-introduction.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (in yellow parker): My name is Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.

Michael and Kusanagi shake hands.

Inagaki: Goro, Goro Inagaki.

Nakai: He does your impersonation as "Oshinobi Goro (Goro incognito)."
He does sketches as Michael Jackson, and he is going to show it a little to you.

Inagaki stands up.

Kimura: Oh, we the members feel so embarrassed to see this in front of Michael Jackson. Our stomachs are turning.

Nakai explains to Michael: We will show you. We have a series of sketch called "Oshinobi Goro" or "Oshinobi Michael (Michael incognito)".

"Oshinobi Michael" clip, in which Inagaki impersonates Michael, is shown on the screen.

Narrator: "Oshinobi Michael" is now revived after ten years now, in front of Michael Jackson himself.

Nakai: So, you should show it to Michael.

Inagaki: I had the privilege of impersonating Mr. Michael Jackson. Could you have a look?

Inagaki impersonates Michael.

Michael looks very much amused by this and enthusiastically claps hands.

Nakai: You got laughter from Michael! You got laughter from Michael!

Kimura: I think Michael understands. He is kind enough to go along with us. Michael is reading the air (meaning Michael understands their admiration for him).

Nakai: Michael's laughter!

Inagaki: I respect you SO much!

Nakai: Let's continue the self-introduction.

Kimura: Nice to meet you. My name is Takuya Kimura.

Michael and Kimura shake hands.

Katori: I am glad to meet you. My name is Shingo.

Michael shakes hands with Shingo.

Katori: I love you.

Michael: I love you, too.

Nakai: Did you now anything about SMAP?

Michael: I learned about them today. I enjoyed what I saw upstairs. Very very good. I just wanted to surprise you and say thank you so much for having me and God bless you and good luck on everything.

Michael shakes hands with members again.

Nakai: I like you.

Michael: I like you, too. I like you, too.

Nakai: Are you already going? Is this bye-bye?

Michael shakes hands with members.

Michael: (Looking at the background) This is great. (Walking around the studio)

Nakai: (Shouting to the staff) You should change the image on the screen for Michael. Can't you move the image for him?

Kimura: Now, Mr. Michael Jackson is impressed by the work done by the engineers in our program. (It is said on the screen in Japanese, "Michael is showing interest in LED")

The image of LED starts moving.

Kimura: You probably should look at it from some distance.

Shingo: Michael is asking who made this.

Michael: Thank you, thank you. (Waving at the people in the studio)

SMAP members and Michael say bye-bye to each other, shake hands again.

Members: Thank you, Michael.

Michael: God bless you.

Members: Love and Peace!

Michael: Peace! Love you!

Members: See you next time.

Michael: OK. See you next time.

Michael leaves the studio.

Narrator: Michael's visit took the studio by storm.

SMAP members see Michael off.
Katori: His sunglasses are so cool.

Michael disappears upstairs.

Michael in Paris

michael jackson michael jackson
michael jackson

Michael Jackson a incheiat colaborarea atat cu vechii lui contabili cat si cu managerii.

Deasemenea a infiintat o noua societate Michael Jackson Company Inc care va lua locul lui MJJ Productions.

A numit-o pe R. Bain managerul general.

Vizita sa recenta de la Tokio este doar prima dintr-un sir mai lung de aparitii publice si deasemenea Michael a primit foarte multe oferte pentru un turneu muzical pe care le sorteza si din care va alege o varianta in urmatoarele cateva luni.

Michael se afla acum in Irlanda cu probleme personale.

"He is very serious about his music," she said. "When you are a creative person and the creative juices are flowing again and you're about to embark on new projects, you want to make sure your organization is running smoothly."


Decizia lui Michael de a lupta impotriva acuzatiilor aduse de un fost asociat Marc Schaffel simbolizeaza " o nua zi" in modul in care cantaretul face afaceri,a spus unul dintre noii manageri ai starului.

Un avocat prezent la proces a precizat ca ar fi fost mai putin costisitor pt toata lumea daca neintelegerea ar fi fost rezolvata in afara tribunalului.Dar chaiar daca verdictul este in mana juratilor,victoria lui Michael consta in judecarea acestui caz pe rol.Sugereaza clar ca tactica Lui Michael s-a schimbat radical in ultimul timp.

Schaffel l-a dat in judecata pe Jackson pentru neplata unor imprumuturi,salarii si alte cheltuieli.La inceput a cerut o despagubire de 3.8 milioane de dolari,dar dupa ce a anlizat dosarul judecatorul a limitat suma la 1.6 milioane de dolari.

Cateva fragmente din depozitia video a lui Michael luata la Londra in septembrie 2005:

Michael said he did remember at least one occasion when Schaffel delivered money to him on the set of a music video. But Jackson said he thought any money Schaffel gave him came from Jackson's own funds.

"I would never ask him for his money," Jackson responded. "That's ridiculous. I would never."

"Did you want to pay Marlon Brando ($1.1 million) for appearing at your Madison Square Garden concert?" lawyer Howard King asked.

"It wasn't so much for the appearance as it was for the fact that he said he really needed it and I wanted to help a friend," Jackson said.

When King pressed Jackson about whether Schaffel once loaned him $1.1 million, Jackson again cited a lack of memory but suggested he would not have taken such an amount if it wasn't his.

"Nobody just gives me money," he said. "That's not right and I work for what I get. Don't make like I'm begging from anybody. I have pride."

Jackson also laughed at one point when King suggested that Schaffel had given him $420,000 to go shopping.

"It sounds spoiled, but it doesn't sound like me," Jackson said. "Give me ($420,000) to go shopping? That's not me. I am sorry."

King followed up with a question: "You're not a big shopper?"

"Not like that, no," Jackson said.

Disputa financiara dintre Michael Jackson si M. schaffel a fost joi incredintata juratilor.Avocatul lui Michael le-a spus juratilor ca Schaffel i-a tradat increderea cantaretului si le-a cerut sa il trimita pe Schaffel din acest tribunal fara nici un ban.

Judecatorul le-a precizat ca doar 9 dintre ei trebuie sa fie de acord ca sa poata fi stabilit un anume verdict.Deasemenea juratilor li s-a dat un formular cu mai multe pagini cu intrebari la care trebuie sa raspunda.

Initial Schaffel a cerut 3.8 milioane de dolari,dar dupa o decizie a judecatorului a micsorat suma la 1.6 milioane.Ieri avocatul sau a cerut doar 1.4 milioane.

In alta ordine de idei Debbie Rowe ,fosta sotie a lui Jackson,l-a dat in judecata pe Michael pentru 250.000$ (cheltuieli cu avocatii si de trai).Aceasta doreste aceti bani ca sa poata continua procesul de custodie impotriva lui Mike;stupid,nu?

michael jackson

Juratii au hotarat ca:Michael trebuie sa ii plateasca lui Scaffel 900.000$,iar Schaffel trebuie sa ii plateasca lui Michael 200.000$ plus dobanda.

Schaffel l-a dat initial pe Michael in judecata pentru 3.8 milioane de dolari.Cererea a fost mai apoi redusa la 1.6 milioane,dupa care avocatul lui a cerut juratilor doar 1.4 milioane.

Avocatul lui Jackson a spus juratilor in pledoariile finale ca Schaffel ii datoreaza lui Michael 660.000$.

Una dintre intrebarile juratilor in timpul deliberarii a fost daca trebuie neaparat sa voteze toti sau unii dintre ei pot sa se abtina.Judecatorul le-a spus ca da,unii se pot abitine de la vot.

Deasemenea juratii au intrebat daca pot sa stabileasca sume total diferite de cele cerute.Li s-a raspuns ca da,atat timp cat respecta instructiunile legale.

Tom Mundell, Lead Defense Counsel,a spus:"Aceasta este un rezultat grozav pentru Michael.Judecatorul a impartit acest proces in doua faze.In prima faza juratii au ascultat toate plangerile lui Schaffel si doar una a lui Michael.Peste doua saptamani vom prezenta si restul cererilor formulate de Michael.

Valoarea cererilor ramase ale lui Michael depasesc cu mult suma neta stabilita de jurati in faza 1 pt a fi platita lui Scaffel si deci suntem foarte increzatori ca in momentul cand faza 2 va fi finalizata, verdictul final va fi in favoarea lui Michael."

L. Londell McMillan, General Counsel ,a zis ca:"Este o zi noua pentru Michael Jackson.Nu dorim sa platim nici macar un penny peste suma pe care Schaffel o merita,iar aceste verdict este deja un succes!Acest proces reprezinta o noua abordare si o alta directie in modul in care Michael Jackson face afaceri."

LOS ANGELES-Unui afacerist din domeniul aviatiei civile i s-a fixat luni pedeapsa pt inregistrarea secreta facuta cu Michael si avocatul sau in avionul care l-a dus pe star in Santa Barbara pentru a se preda autoritarilor cand a fost acuzat de abuzul unui minor:8 luni intr-o inchisoare federala,apoi 6 luni detentie intr-un centru de reabilitare si o amenda de 1000$.(AP)


L.A. Reid interview with BET

L.A. Reid just did an interview with BET and he mentioned Michael. This is how it went: (not quote...paraphrasing)

Q: So, not only are you known for making huge careers, but also turning around big careers; it it's Santana or Mariah Carey. I'm going to give you the ultimate comeback: Michael Jackson. How would you turn around his career?

A: My man, Michael Jackson. Well, first I would get him to tour the world in theaters. Do a very intimate performance. Get people to reconnect and feel his magic. Then I would have him make a new album. A very soulful album not a pop album, a soulful album.

Q: Why a soulful album and not a pop album?

A: He needs to emotionally re-connect with the world. Then I would make sure the world is starving for this album; then launch single after single after single. And then comes the music videos.

Q: Would you change his name or look?

A: No. Michael's brand is a huge selling brand. This man is FAMOUS! Anywhere in the world and he is famous. His brand is too big to mess with. So whoever is producing Michael's new album; I just gave you the blueprint.


michael jackson

michael jackson


Interviu cu Rihanna

michael jackson

Ericka: You were in Japan for a little bit and you spent some time with Michael Jackson. What happened? What's he like?

Rihanna: Oh, he's so kind! Very shy but very kind.

Ericka: Did you have an idea of what he might be like before you met him?

Rihanna: No, I had no idea. I had no idea. I was really, really, nervous because I didn't know what to expect.

Ericka: So how did that happen? Did he just approach you or did you go and talk to him?

Rihanna: He sent me a message to the guy who was taking me around the arena. He was like, "I'd like to know her schedule 'cause I wanna meet her." And I was like, what? I started, like, freaking out and "Do I look good? Is my hair ok?" And then finally I met him and he's just so sweet.

Ericka: What did you talk about?

Rihanna: Honestly? We didn't talk about much but, honestly, Icannot even tell you what we talked about.

Ericka: (laughs)

Rihanna: I was so star-struck that... I was speechless. I didn't know what to say.

From: Sister 2 Sister Magazine

August 2006

Frank Dileo


michael jackson




hope this isn't a repeater -- but what music does Michael listen to most often? i've read the history of his influences, i'm interested in who he likes to listen to the most today. Does he listen to his own music? what does he like most of his own work? sorry if that is too many. thanx!



He listened to a wide variety of music, but If my memory serves me right, back at that time it was a classic called Green Sleeves. Ill try to answer more of your questions in the next set! Great questions by the way.






What was the biggest/most elaborate prank Michael has ever played on you?



While looking out a window when we were in Washington, DC.. Michael reached into my pockets and through all my cash right out the window! It amounted to close to $5,000.00 in $50\'s and $100\'s!!! There are lots more.






Mr Dileo, how would you describe you describe your relationship to Michael Jackson as it is today and do you ever see yourself working together again??



My relationship with Michael is very good, very friendly. Even though when we were together in Santa Maria, it was not the best of times to be sure, and the most stressful of times, Michael and I really enjoyed seeing and being with each other. It was almost as time stood still.






I am a BIG Michael Jackson fan & obviously am very sad what has happened to him !! My question is .... have you spoken to him of late & have you encouraged him to make a comeback? WE ALL WANT TO SEE MICHAEL ON STAGE AGAIN !!!! Will he be doing so in the forseeable future? Thanks & thanks too for being such a wonderful part of Michaels life way back in the '80's. Best wishes from AFRICA



Dear Africa, Thank you for your love and well wishes.






Would you consider working with Michael Jackson again, if yes, where would you start? My second question is, would you like to be a judge on Hip Hop Boot Camp? p.s - The MJ fans love you!!!!



Yes T, if he asked me! I think I would start at the beginning, meaning, make sure he is in the best physical condition he can be in. Then, I would launch a tour. A limited tour. My reasons for doing the tour are not solely $ oriented. I feel that once Michael feels the love and the positive energy from the fans, that only Michael\'s fans have on a live tour, it would rejuvenate him, it would bring the positive back and let him write and produce and perform as only Michael Jackson can. The rest would all fall into place. I really enjoyed your question. As far as being a judge on Joe Jackson Hip Hop Bootcamp? I always want to keep my options open, if they ask. ps..I love you all too!






I saw you at the "Scams R' Us" of a trial a few times supporting Michael. Do you see yourself working with Michael again in the future?



Once again, only Michael can make that decision. If he calls, I am there.






Is Michael Jackson's voice really as naturally deep as they say?



His speaking voice is normal.






Do you think you will ever become michaels manager again and do u know if michael is planning a new tour.



The decision is not mine to make. Michael is the only one that can make that call. No, I do not know what his touring plans are.






Ok i know you have been with Mike through out the mid 80s up until the late 80s when Mike was doing the BAD TOUR and my question is to do with the BAD TOUR i just love it to death and i would really appreciate it if you would tell me about it. I wanted to know if Mike had his own camera crew film every single one of those bad tour concerts and if u think he will ever in life release an official dvd for a BAD TOUR concert or a Victory tour concertdvd i would really like to see it happen but i wanna know if MIke ever mentioned anything about a bad or victory concert release when ever u were with him cuz i know u have spent quite some time with him i think its really cool.



Yes, he did have his own crew. He never discussed releasing them when I was with him. There is not enough room on the page to share all the exciting and wonderful things from the Bad Tour. Maybe someday I will jot some down.






hi Frank I just wanted to ask you if you know whether Michael plans on making another album??



I certainly hope that he does. A talent like Michael\'s should not be silent.


Astazi la Regis and Kelley show

Cat de repede se razgandesc americanii ........

Martin Short was the guest host.

Kelley: i remember reading something about Michael Jackson that every time he performed he lost 15 pounds. and i thought 15 pounds, oh my gosh - can you imagine? that's like - that's a significant amount of weight for someone who is like - Michael Jackson's size - very ...........

Martin Short: well he performs very intensely and ultimately he breaks water (laughter)
because he's an intense performer and - you've seen Michael live haven't you?

Kelley: no never seen him live.

Martin Short: you haven't?

Kelley: no

Martin Short: he's actually pretty amazing

Kelley: you've seen him live.......

Martin Short: he "IS" amazing. (he said "IS AMAZING" really intense)

kELLY: what happens?

Martin: it's like he's one of the great -- you know beyond all of the bizarreness of his life - he's one of the great genius performers of all time. i mean i think whether you're a fan of someone or not, if you can see kind of a legendary performer you should take that opportunity to see him

Kelly: yeah, next time.

Dezvaluiri socante-conspiratia din ultimii ani impotriva lui Michael

Michael si avocatii lui sunt in posesia mai multor documente care dovedesc ca mai multi fosti avocati,asociati si consultanti au pus la cale un plan prin care sa il forteze pe Michael sa ajunga in faliment.Aceasta manevra ar fi fost atat in folosul lor (in acel moment ar fi putut imparti intre ei toata averea stransa de starul american),dar sa fim sinceri ar fi servit si in interesul unor personalitati din industrai muzicala si poate chiar din politica US.Aceasta este cu siguranta cea mai mare conspiratie din industria muzicala.

Documentele arata ca acestia au cerut creditorilor si altor diferite persoane fizice si juridice sa semneze o petitie care l-ar fi secat pe Michael de toate fondurile de care dispunea.

In acest an domnul Jackson a anuntat mai multe schimbari organizatorice si si-a instruit actuala echipa legala sa investigheze si sa aduca in instanta orice conspiratie,rea vointa sau furt descoperite.

Aceste documente cuprinzand incalcari grave ale legii pot fi trimise si la U.S. Attorney General pentru a fi revazute si a se lua masurile potrivite.

"Domnul Jackson nu este deloc socat sau surprins de aceste revelatii",a spus purtatoarea lui de cuvant."Daca ne gandim la multitudinea de probleme grave, pe plan personal si profesional, cu care Michael s-a confruntat in ultimii ani trebuie sa spunem ca Jackson era suspicios de mult timp asupra persoanelor in care si-a pus increderea si care trebuiau sa il ajute sa controleze cat mai bine afacerile sale.Michael s-a indoit de multe ori ca acesti oameni au luat intotdeauna deciziile in interesul clientului lor."


Dave,care acum are acum 28,a fost ars de viu de tatal lui cand avea 6 ani intr-o camera de hotel din Orange County in timpul unei dispute pentru custodie.In urma acestui abuz a suferit arsuri grave pe 90% din corp.MJ a pltit toate facturile din spital in timpul anilor 80 si au devenit prieteni buni.

Acum Dave a reusit sa redobandeasca un apartament pe care o persoana care s-a dat drept verisorul lui Mike a reusit sa il fure.

Un judecator de la Curtea Suprema a ordonat ca propietatea sa-i fie returnat lui Dave ,a precizat avocatul sau Brian Oxman.

Deasemenea Dave a mai primit si despagubire 93.000 de dolari.Oxman a luat cazul la rugamintea lui Jackson.

"Acesta este un caz in care cineva a profitat de persoana mai vulnerabila",a spus Oxman.

Flacarile ameninta Neverlandul

Vineri la pranz deasupra fermei Neverland s-a putut observa un nor de fum negru.40 de acrii din propietatea din Los Olivos au fost cuprinse de foc.

Focul s-a intins repede din cauza arbustilor si ierburilor uscate si a juns pana la un sfert de mila de cladiri,dar mai mult de 100 de pompieri din Santa Barbara,de la Baza aeriana Vanderberg si de la U.S. Forest Service s-au luptat sa tina flacarile la distanta.

Nu se cunoaste exact numarul animalelor care traiesc in gradina zoologica de la ferma,care este casa unor elefanti,girafe,lame si camile.Autoritatile au confirmat ca nimeni nu a fost evacuat.

"S-a avut grija de animale si nu a fost nici o problema cu ele",a spus capitanul popierilor sositi la fata locului.

Focul a fost stapanit abia la ora 7.30 pm.Cei care investigheaza cauzele incendiului au ramas pe propietate pana seara tarziu,incercand sa determine ce a aprins focul care i-a chinuit pe pompierii care au trebuit sa opreasca incendiul sa se intinda si mai mult pe propietatea de 2600 de acrii.

Domnul Jackson nu a mai locuit la Neverland de la scurt timp de la terminarea procesului de abuz si acum sta impreuna cu familia sa in Bahrain.Purtatoarea sa de cuvant nu a putut fi gasita pentru a da vreun comentariu despre incendiu.

Focul care a inceput in jurul orei 2.25 pm ,a cuprins partea in care se afla parcul de distractii.Un drum care trece prim mijlocul propietatii a impartit focul in doua flancuri.A ars pe marginea celor 16 obiective din parc.De aici s-a intins pe o pasune din apropiere unde pastea o turma de animale,dar turma a scapat nevatamata.

Autoritatile au spus ca angajatii nu au fost evacuati.

Elicopterele au luat apa din iazul construit de Michael,unde vietuiesc lebade si flamingo,pentru a imprastia apa de sus deasupra focului,in timp ce alte echipaje si buldozere au incercat sa stapaneasca flacarile de la sol.

Un echipaj privat de pompieri era stationat la Neverland si au facut tot ce le-a stat in putere ca focul sa nu se intinda pana au sosit cele mai apropiate echipaje de pompierii.A durat 15 minute sa ajunga la ferma pe Figueroa Mountain Road la 5 mile de autostrada 154.

Domunul Jackson a angajat propriul echipaj dupa un incendiu din 1989 in care a fost distrus un hambar de 300.000 de dolari unde locuiau 2 girafe.Animalele au fost atunci evacuate in siguranta.Focul a inceput atunci intr-o componenta a instalatiei de incalzire care fuse instalata de curand.

Michael a cumparat ferma in 1988 care a costat 14.6 milioane de dolari si a transformat-o intr-un tinut de basm cu trenulete,parc de distractii,cinematograf,pentru a le oferi copiilor bolnavi si dezavantajati o zi minunata departe de probleme.Intretinerea fermei costa 3 milione de dolari in fiecare an.

O fosta angajata a spus ca exista un sistem dezvoltat de prevenire a incendiilor grave pe toata propietate si exista stropitori in ficare cladire.Deasemenea angajatii au adus in mod regulat pompieri in ferma pentru a se familiariza cu propietatea in cazul unui incendiu ca cel de acum.

"Scopul nostru a fost sa prevenim.Neverlandul in sine este bine gandit cu stropitori si hidranti".

Angajatii de la ferma sunt instruiti in mod curent.Deasemenea o harta amanuntita a fost transmisa statiei 32 de pompieri.

Petrecere de ziua lui Michael!!

Michael Jackson si-a aniversat marti ziua de nastere intr-o locatie necunoscuta din Europa.

Dimineata copiii lui Michael au dat o petrecere in cinstea lui.

"A fost toatal socat ",a spus Raymone Bain.

Michael a mancat tort,desi Bain nu era sigura ca a inclus toate cele 48 de lumanari.;-)

Un spectacol cu papusi a facut deasemenea parte din petrecere.Michael a avut o zi extraordinara si a primit mesaje si cadouri de la fanii din intreaga lume.

Michael Jackson traieste in Europa de cand a plecat din Bahrain in mai.

michael jackson

Michael viziteaza o librarie din Irlanda

Michael Jackson si cei trei copii ai sai,Paris Katherine ,Prince Michael si desigur Blanket au vizitat o librarie de dimensiuni impresionante din Irlanda.

Libraria contine o minunata sectiune dedicata copiilor care are un acvariu cu pesti aurii.

La 8:30 a oprit o masina in fata magazinului si au coborat trei copii si Jackson imbracat in negru ,purtand inclusiv faimoasa sa palarie neagra si ochelari negrii,o esarfa neagra-pe care si le-a dat jos in momentul in care a intrat in magazin.

Managerul a declarat ca: "A fost un pic de necrezut.L-am primit in magazin pe usa din spate. Apoi a ajuns la etajul 2 si l-am lasat sa parcurga de unul singur rafturile pline cu carti ale librariei."

Copii s-au distrat cu siguranta .Managerul magazinului i-a numit pe copii "incantatori" si a descris cum au alergat inaite si inapoi pe coridoarele librariei alegand carti si prezentandu-le megastarului,in cazul de fata mai bine zis tatalui."Uite tata ,uite,uite ce am gasit eu!" sau "Uite tata,uite ce carti cu basme am gasit aici,uite aici!!".

Despre Jackson ,a adaugat managerul magazinului ,"a fost chiar reconfortant sa descopar ca in ciuda la toate lucrurile urate care s-au spus despre el ,e intr-adevar un mare iubitor de carti.A cumparat multe carti de referinta despre muzica si filme,despre istorie,si o multime de alte lucruri.Singurul titlu pe care o sa-l dezvalui este o carte numita-Beatles lyrics."

Intreaga excursie a fost una a unei familii care a iesit la cumparaturi,la niste cumparaturi speciale.
"Au fost perfecti" a mai adaugat managerul Wright.

Procesul de custodie

Sau mai bine zis batalia continua-partea a doua-cazul a fost mutat la un judecator din sistemul public.

Rowe a cerut 195 000$ pentru a plati avocatii dar Schneider ,judecatorul delegat in acest caz, a hotarat ca cele opt milioane de la divort sunt suficiente si ca nu va mai primi atat de multi bani pt costurile legale.Cel putin nu acum.
"Are milioane de dolari deci trebuie sa fie in stare sa plateasca taxele si platile avocatiilor" a declarat judecatorul.

Deci s-a hotatrat ca avocatul Deborah sa primeasca doar 60 000$ pentru taxe.
Judecatorul i-a acordat megastarului timp de plata pana la 28 septembrie acest an.Nu a decis in acest moment nici un drept de vizita pentru Deborah Rowe.

Avocatii lui Jackson se vor intalni martea viitoare sa discute amanunte referitoare la caz. Acestia ar dori sa poata negocia o intelegere intre parti,astfel procesul s-ar incheia mai repede.


Jackson si Rowe,o asistenta din cabinetul unui doctor dermatolog care l-a tratat pe Michael,s-au casatorit in 1996.Rowe l-a nascut pe fiul lor Prince in 1997 si pe fiica in 1998.In 1999 Debbie a inaintat actele de divort.

Jackson a primit custodia celor 2 copii.Rowe a primit conform intelegerii de la divort 8 milione de dolari si o casa in Beverly Hills.Deasemenea ea a primit drepturi de o vizita copiii o data la 45 de zile,dar in 2001 ea s-a intors in tribunal si a cerut sa ii fie terminate drepturile de parinte.In 2003 insa aceasta s-a razgandit.Judecatorul insa a repus-o in drepturi dar nu a putut sa reia vizitele fara alte evaluari suplimentare.

Avocatii lui Jackson au spus in acest an cand lupta pentru custodie a fost reluata ca Debbie incearca sa obtina bani de la Michael folosind copiii ca o arma si au comparat-o cu "un escroc obisnuit".


Rapoarte din ziarele de scandal irlandeze spuneau ca Michael Jackson vrea sa construiasca un parc tematic sau ca s-a casatorit cu dadaca copiilor lui,Grace,weekendul trecut.Aceste zvonuri sunt false.


Sony ATV ,un parteneriat intre Michael Jackson si Sony, au incheiat o colaborare cu Sony Ericsonn pentru a crea un spatiu virtual unde vor putea fi promovati artisti noi.Acest spatiu poarta numele de M-Buzz. va fi operational pe 2 octombrie si va oferi o multitudine de melodii care vor putea fi downloadate pentru inceput in 20 de tari.


Lupta pentru custodie dintre Michael si Debbie

(urmatoarea relatare este in limba engleza pentru ca se refera la diferite documente facute publice in ultimele zile)

Note:MJ=Michael Jackson ; DR=Debbie Row

This case is about visitation and money.

According to all the documents, from the 1999 divorce to everything being discussed now, the judge found and so ordered the MJ was his kids father. For a long time the media has hinted otherwise and gone as far as saying the "court papers show..."; well, those court papers have been released, there are boxes after boxes of them...there is nothing that indicates anything other than he is the father and he has 100% legal and physical custody of them as of now..

Here's where the case is and stands right now.

So far what is clear is there are two things running along at the same time:

1. The confidentiality and money issue is being done in arbitration (privately)

2.The visitation/custody case which is now in public court

For the custody case there are a couple of things that happened, the private judge really was not fair to MJ most times...That's why MJ's lawyers moved to remove him. Also Finsilver is not on the case anymore,she was part of the problems, same for MJ's previous lawyers including Oxman who even the private judge wasn't sure what his involvement in the case was.

As it stands now they're back infront of a judge November 6th for more motions.
MJ was deposed in June this year for the arbitration part of the case, soon afterwards DR's lawyers came back to US and then asked for another deposition for the visitation/custody part of the case and tried to move the court to ask MJ to come back to US to do that deposition... they're arguing about that now....

DRs side is being unreasonable on this, they want MJ to come back all the way to get deposed.
MJ's side is saying:

- you had a chance, you should have done it then, its more expensive and disrupting of MJ to come here to get deposed when its easier for him to fly lawyers to a location in EU to do the deposition. Him coming back would include the kids, nanny, security etc which logistically and cost wise doesn't make sense when he can cover the cost of 2 lawyers to go and get him deposed.

- its unfair to ask MJ to come back to US when DR's side has previously send letters to the diplomatic mission and state department accusing MJ of wrong doing with regards to the kids passports. Finsilver actually did this, reported MJ to the state saying they thought MJ's getting the passport was not legal etc... the state department so far has refused to look into the matter because MJ has 100% legal and physical custody of the kids which means he can take them anywhere he wants, whenever he wants without DR's approval.
Even though its said in the documents that the department is not looking into the issue, MJ and his lawyers can't be sure of this, DR's side made these accusations then refused to give MJ's side all the documents on this accusation so MJ's lawyers could do "discovery" and defend himself as well as clear up anything and everything... to make matters worse the private judge seemed to imply he agreed with DR that there was some wrong doing November last year. ( there is a transcript of this).. he said this and agreed with DR's claims with no knowledge or documents to support this claim or the implications of the judge saying this (that's one of the reasons MJ's lawyers used to get the private judge off the case)

[note: needless to say MJ doesn't want to come anywhere near US until he's sure there isn't anything fishy going on with DR and her antics with the state department] ]

DR and her lawyers state in the documents they didn't and are not pursuing this issue anymore

[note: but why are they refusing to give all the info to MJ"s side? that is fishy how do they expect him to trust them

A settlement was discussed ( the amount is not known, RF says 4M but the documents don't say that), they almost agreed then MJ's side asked that in return it goes back to where it was, where DR had no parental rights, understandably coz she's been changing her mind endlessly on so many things, so MJ's lawyer think to be safe in the future they should go back to that agreement but Finsilver I think advised against that...or maybe DR herself has gotten clever now and she knows if she has that link she'll have money coming... maybe...anyways that was the sticking point and it seems MJ is adamant on it so the settlement talks ended in Nov last year... ( but started about summer this year)
they've been back to negotiating again so who knows at what point they are now.

Visitation issues :

Both sides agreed to a counsel for the kids end of last year but by end of 05 she had not been retained yet, not sure if that happened this year.

The private judge refused to give DR any visitation leaving the status quo as is until what's best for the kids can be established and from that decide if there is merit to change the status quo. The judge went as far as saying "even if Michael said today I want Debbie to spend time with the kids...I wouldn't order it, we're still in proceeding"
The way to establish status quo was through something called a 730 Evaluation, apparently an independent party was going to conduct an intensive evaluation for/of both parties and give her resulting (objective without her opinion) evaluation to the judge who can use it to help him make a decision... everyone signed on that but DR has been using delaying tactics and has been refusing to meet this evaluator for some reason, ... last year the evaluation eventually didn't go on because the woman who was going to do it wanted impunity from any litigation but MJ's side couldn't give her that but this year its back on and MJ has agreed on it and is moving forward with it but DR so far has refused to avail herself to the evaluator for the evaluation to get done.
Also DR has been refusing to give a deposition according the MJ's lawyer, there was even one scheduled for Sept 25th but it seems like it won't likely happen. Her lawyers say its scheduling etc... MJ's lawyer say she's stalling.

MJ has agreed to another deposition if its done in EU or if DR's side gives all the facts about their accusation of his wrong doing with regards to the passports thing that they sent to the state department, MJ's side want to be sure that is not an issue, he won't get here then get shackled into custody for any wrong doing ( i think its unlikely coz the department refused to look into this issue but MJ's side want to be sure and the fact that DR's side is refusing to give up info about what they did is course for concern for MJ's side) they are still arguing about this... there are motions in court now for this.. so maybe in a few weeks the judge will decide if he wants to order MJ to come to US for deposition or order DR's lawyers to go to where he is..

Its clear MJ does not trust DR or her lawyers especially when Finsilver was still part of the case. MJ is also refusing any contact with DR apparently they were in touch periodically, would return DR's calls for a while summer 2005 then in August 05 MJ cut off all contact I don't know the reason. Her lawyer goes on to state "she was trying to negotiate a settlement that never came to fruitition but beyond that the most disconcerting to her is that she hasn't spoken to Michael at all"

note: many have said she just wants to be in MJ's life again... well seems so
I also think MJ must cut off communication with DR around the time he found out DR and her lawyers had send letters to the State department and diplomatic offices claiming MJ got the kids passports illegally which of course was not true because MJ is the legal parent and with 100% custody. He must have been so angry at DR he decided to cut off contact.


Debbie Rowe: The Money parts and the trial last year.

We all are kinda baffled by her actions actually and even the private judge didn't know what to make of DR working with the prosecution. He actually put of the custody proceeding until the criminal trial was complete because DR was actively working with the prosecution an action that included her taping phone calls with some of the prosecution witnesses for the DA, all those tapes of her recording and info about her working with the DA was passed to the defense team...... When that was happening MJ's side asked the judge what to do in these circumstances, the judge decided to put the case on hold until that was over.

They had come to some sort of money settlement where she would have a limited amount of visitation but MJ's side wanted her to go back to giving up her parental rights as she had in 2001, they couldn't come to an agreement so they're still negotiating that in arbitration.

Some people here mentioned that visitation had nothing to do with the cash, oh but it does its the whole point really. See if everything had stayed as is and MJ hadn't stopped the payments saying DR had breached. She would have got that 1.6M by end of this year and had absolutely nothing to do with MJ and the kids ever.

It looks like the breach was intentional and planned. She saw an opening so she took it, and it lead to where we/they are now. From the Nov 2005 transcript of the court (private judge) he even says "we're still here proceeding with this custody because you haven't come to a settlement. If you do, call me and we'll end this." The visitation is dependent on the settlement. How much money she gets determines how many times she'll have visitation .. more money= less visitation...... it seems... that to me doesn't present a scenario where she actually just wants her family back... its more wanting the family back for her convenience and that is beyond sad. To this day, MJ has agreed and participated in the 730 evaluation but DR has refused... if she really wants to be part of this family again why is she refusing?

The money issue, she and her new lawyers made a declaration this year and attached an expense sheet/list putting a hand out for more money saying she had not be receiving payments etc, but they neglected to give the judge all the facts which actually completely contradict her declaration and expense stuff she's already admitted to via reply papers and other motions etc........
For spousal support she's supposed to get 150K per year .
DR admits that prior to Oct 2004, she had actually received all amounts due to her of $150K per year (roughly $12K per month )

DR received 265K May 05 and 100K July06 (both tax free).
Apparently from Oct 2004 to July 2006 DR has received $365K tax free which is about $16,591 per month .. basically $4000 more per month than she's supposed to get, she claims her monthly expenditure is $13,069K. That her new lawyers did this is amazing...
Basically for 22months she's been receiving more than she claims is her expenditure per month and more than MJ is supposed to give her... yet she still has her hand out...

July 05 Grace the body guard brought Paris and Prince to visit her for a couple of hours, DR says the visit was good, the kids, seemed fine, healthy, happy and well cared for. She couldn't see any sign of unhappiness or something to say they're not ok. I think the visit happened with lawyers present as well. Each of them said the kids were well adjusted, happy, healthy etc. After that visit everyone around agreed the kids are doing just fine.

As for the business and pets .. it seems in her November 2004 declaration she claimed a vet bill of $40,000. $5000 for horses and $35,000 for dogs but she said they were all personal not business. Yet this year her new lawyers did another declaration and this time shifted that pets cost to a business but didn't give any supporting documents/evidence for that, no business name, registration, receipts etc...

An the accountant according to RF's Friday article gave a depo this year essentially saying MJ refinanced but still is going through cash flow issues.. IMO the accountants and MJ's lawyers, I think they're using the refinancing and cash flow issues as an excuse so DR doesn't negotiate for a higher amount than offered... ... MJ has so far been paying the lawyers fees and putting money in the Escrow account as required which means he's able to funnel money.... I think that's why DR's side was pushing or asking for more... can't be sure about that part since those settlement details are private (thank God )
Many husbands/richer parties in custody issues do that, they go and say well I actually don't have as much as you think... etc so that the ex-wife/husband doesn't walk away with their fortune...


Visitation and status quo :

On the question of visitation. The private judge had said he won't give DR unless the status quo (MJ having 100% legal and physical custody) was changed. There would have to be merit for that status quo to change. One of the ways to determine if there is merit is via a 730 evaluation.
Here's info on what a 730 evaluation is the website describes it.

MJ has agreed to it and is participating in it. DR has been stalling on it for the longest time. The latest papers filed by MJ's side state and report so. DR's side is saying well, it was just scheduling conflict and this and that happened etc. If DR's ultimate purpose is be part of her kids life again, wouldn't she be running towards the evaluator eager to be evaluated with or without a settlement on any other issues? Money or not? Wouldn't she be saying I don't care about any money or confidentiality issues, just do whatever you can so I can see my kids and if this evaluation is it. lets go for it? I know if I were her and my intentions were right, that's what I would do.

Any parent who says in court documents I did a mistake giving up my rights and not seeing my kids, I really regret that would not be turning around and stalling on the one thing that could move her towards visiting with her kids ..


A bit more on money and the lawyers as well:

So far its true DR has got 11M from MJ plus a house (which she sold for 1.5M) and a truck. The only amount owing when MJ stopped paying saying she had breached was 1.6M which in an escrow account right now for whichever side wins...

from the original agreement here's how the money was paid to her :


Temporary Spousal Support - 215K one payment Oct 12 1999
Non-modifiable payment Spousal Support - 150K per year for 5 years (total 750K) and never to get more after this unless MJ claims breach and it is solved in arbitration that DR didn't breach.

Other settlement
1mil at time of judgment (yr 2000 12th or was it Oct 10 1999?)

1 million for 3 years after that (in 3 annual installments ' -333K 3 times a yr )
750K for 6 years after that.
Total $ 8.5million total payment

Plus 2M for her for the confidentiality agreement
New total (150K + 750K + 8.5M + 2M) = 11.4Million

She also got a Beverly hills house including the furniture in it .. ( now sold for 1.5M)

She kept her 7 bank accounts, personal everything clothes, jewelry etc.
She got a 1998 Ford Explorer

In today's article The Doughnut mentions the "revelation of legal vulnerability in returning to the US that might expose MJ to criminal detention investigation"

The media picked out 1 sentence in a whole paragraph. This quote is in reference to DR's side refusing to give MJ details of their claim that MJ got Prince and Paris 's passports without proper procedure.

This specific document he's talking about was Mr. Hall responding to say well, if you don't allow us all the documents you send to the state department and the responses you got from them MJ can't be sure that he won't be subject to arrest, prosecution etc, should he return to be deposed here in LA...

So that "revelation" is in reference to the passport thing. He won't be jailed, the state department according to DR's former lawyer refused to look into their passport accusation because by Law MJ has 100% legal and physical custody of the kids which means he can take them out of the country whenever he wishes... so no wrong doing on MJ's side.
HOWEVER MJ has been burnt many times so he is suspicious of everything...... and DR's side is refusing to hand over all the files Iris Finsilver had on this issue of passports, exactly what they said to the diplomatic mission and state department, and their responses etc.... their refusal to hand over these documents is the reason MJ is assuming there might be more, they might be hiding something and if that's the case he doesn't want to come back to US for fear prosecution on this passport thing anyways... if there was nothing more to it, then DR's side would have given the files over, cleared up everything and confirmed that they made these charges, the department found them to be of no merit and dropped the case.

note:Probably DR and Finsilver made more allegations than just Passport fraud, they're afraid if MJ see's all that they said, it will jeopardize DR's chances of more money and/or visitation because MJ and his lawyers will accuse her of acting in bad faith, making false accusations, using fear as a method to gain what they want... etc.... and if MJ's side is right, that will not sit well with the judge on the custody issue then DR loses doubly.... that's just my opinion..There is no other reason why they're refusing to pass on all the documents/ files on the passport accusation they made. It would solve a lot of things, MJ would come back freely and quickly and end this case via the judge or arbitration.



Michael Jackson si fosta sa sotie Debbie Rowe au ajuns la o intelegere in lupta lor pentru custodie.

"Inca ne mai ocupam de cateva detalii" a spus Marta Almli."Nu pot sa va spun care sunt termenii exacti ai intelegerii dar pot sa precizez ca ambele parti au cazut de acord ."

Michael nu a aparut prea mult in public in ultima perioada dar potrivit impresarului Charles" Big Chuck" Stanton Michael este gata "sa cucereasca intreaga lume.Are niste cantece noi super."

Cand a fost in Irlanda luna aceasta a intalnit un Michael Jackson foarte concentrat si creativ care a trecut de la acordurile R&B de pe ultimele sale albume la un sunet mai urban.

Deasemenea Raymone K. Bain a precizat ca Michael a inaintat foarte mult in noile sale proiecte."Este aproape gata sa lanseze un nou album."


October 11, 2006


Washington, D.C. ...A photograph in today's, (October 11, 2006), New York Daily News, allegedly depicting Michael Jackson in women's shoes and clothing IS NOT Michael Jackson.

Mr. Jackson has not visited Saint-Tropez in recent years, nor has he donned a women's hat and pumps for disguise.

Mr. Jackson is demanding that the New York Daily News offer an apology and retraction, or he will refer the matter to his attorneys for further action.

Raymone Bain


Fostul patron al unei companii aviatice a fost condamnat la 6 luni de detentie la domiciliu pentru ca l-a inregistrat pe ascuns pe Jackson si avocatul sau in avion,cand Michael s-a predat in 2003 politiei.

Deasemenea a mai primit si 3 ani de proba,10000$ amenda si 150 de ore in folosul comunitatii.


Billy's Blog: Michael Jackson Exclusive (October 15, 2006)

It's half past four in the morning and I'm making my way to Dublin with Ray. I have spent a fair amount of time in the back of Ray's car in the last 34 hours. He is the driver, henchman for Paddy who owns the recording studio in the middle of no man's land, Ireland . Not only is it a quaint studio built inside the grounds of an old stone classic Irish's the new creative home of Michael Jackson.

And yes, I just conducted the first interview with Michael Jackson since he left the United States in June 2005. First off, let me tell you what this interview is not:

It is not a bare all, rehashing of that period of his life. I was prepared to ask him all the questions in the world regarding mistakes made and lessons learned, but trust me, he was not. He asked if 5 minutes of rolling tape was ok in the studio while he "collaborated" with Will I AM from the Black Eyed Peas. Ultimately, We rolled for about 40 minutes and I did ask him questions about music and his thoughts for making a comeback.

Michael Jackson was nervous and antsy. He was truly torn. He wanted to stay and keep jamming and have some fun, but he also wanted to leave before, from his perspective, he got crucified by another TV interview.

Michael's publicist and advisor, Raymone Bain, informed us (me and my Executive Producer, Rob Silverstein) that Michael would like to meet us alone, no cameras, in his cottage first. We agreed of course and before long we were seated at a breakfast table in a very cozy, humble stone cottage. Down the spiral staircase he came. First his boots, then his with a gold stripe down the side, then a velvet jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, then he turned to face us. I admit, my pulse was running high. He is a mythical character as atypical and untouchable as can be.

First impression I had was that he looked healthy. Fit. As Paddy told us earlier, artists come to his estate for the whole experience - nature walks and horseback rides, organic, homegrown food, the indoor mineral spring pool....peace and tranquility. It has suited Michael well, although he does not live there.

We stood up, shook hands and began small talk about life...soon, Michael began to make clear what he did not want: an interview. He was just willing to let our cameras roll while he and Will listened to beats and opened the lid to a comeback. I said that we should just go in there and go until he didn't want to anymore. Pensively, he agreed and we started for the door and the 50 yard walk to the studio.

This interview is a baby step for Michael.

About ten minutes into the session, after I had rolled out several questions, Michael paused and tried to get out. He did not like receiving pointed questions and he encouraged Will to play more beats so we could just roll casually.

At the end of the day, we did a little more of both. At one point, I suggested Michael remake "Thriller" for a new generation...with CD/DVD and web components, essentially go with what's proven but update with the help of technically savvy producer, Will I Am.
Michael lit up. Amazingly that was something he hadn't considered.

When the music was rolling and he didn't have me asking him questions, one could see sparks of life and energy. He hummed a little and at one point got up and walked to the back of the room where he could move a little to the music....he was almost dancing.

Michael was there with his children. I never saw them but Paddy, the studio's owner, said they were having a ball, playing with his children and enjoying the exquisite countryside. According to Paddy, Michael gets up in the morning and makes breakfast for them...usually Porridge and fruit. I find myself hoping that Michael's life is as normal as possible. Of course, it isn't. Nobody knows anything about him...does he drive? Apparently, he does occasionally and he even had a cell phone before losing it a day later. There....something normal to which people can RELATE. Again, this was a first step for Michael. He was excited and terrified. It's all about feeling whether he can trust somebody or not. His track record is horrible on that front. Maybe it will improve in regards to us. I am quite sure there is more to come.

Source: Access Hollywood/MJJForum

michael jackson

Statement: To All Fan Club Presidents and Contacts  

Monday, 30 October 2006

October 30, 2006

TO: All Fan Club Presidents and Contacts

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Jackson will be receiving the
Diamond Award from the World Music Awards on Friday,
November 15, 2006, 7:30PM, Earl's Court 1, Kensington, London,

As this is the 25th Anniversary of "Thriller" and, Mr. Jackson's
worldwide sales have to date exceeded over 750,000,000 million
units, Mr. Jackson is being recognized for his phenomenal, record-
breaking achievements. He is certainly the undisputed "King of Pop."

Mr. Jackson would like to see as many of his fans as can attend
the event. Because of this, we have made special arrangements
with the organizers to make special provisions from Mr. Jackson's

The first 200 fans will be admitted free on a first come, first serve
basis. After 200 tickets have been disbursed, all other tickets will
be sold at a special discounted rate and fans will be given a special
code to use when purchasing tickets.

I will be forwarding to you the information as to how to obtain
tickets within the next several days.

While I do not have the email addresses for all fan clubs, I am
relying on each of you to pass this information on.

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers for
Michael Jackson. He loves and appreciates all of you.

Best regards.
Raymone K. Bain
General Manager

michael jackson


Michael a mers azi la sediul publicatiei Guiness World Records.I s-au prezentat placutele onorifice pt urmatoarele recorduri:

The biggest selling album of all time, with sales over 104 million, is Michael Jackson's Thriller (1982)

Youngest Vocalist to Top the US Singles Chart (aged 11, fronting The Jackson Five)

First Vocalist to Enter the US Single Chart at Number One (You Are Not Alone)

First Entertainer to Earn More Than 100 million Dollars in a Year and Highest Paid Entertainer of all Time (125 million dollars in the 1989 Forbes list).

First Entertainer to Sell More Than 100 Million Albums outside the US.

Most Weeks at the Top of the US Album Charts (non-soundtrack for Thriller)

Most Successful Music Video (Thriller).

Redactorul era foarte incantat si a declarat:

"We always expect the unexpected here at Guinness World Records. From the world's tallest man, woman with the longest fingernails and most pierced woman, we're used to all walks of life stopping by the office, but we haven't been this excited since we met the Queen last year. Michael is one of the greatest superstars of all time and his unwavering success has kept him at the very top of the record breaking charts throughout his career. We're absolutely delighted that Michael holds Guinness World Records in such high regard and honoured that he's taken time out of his busy schedule to stop by and collect them in person".


In timp ce Michael Jackson isi pregatea aparitia la World Music Awards in Londra miercuri,Access Hollywood este cu Regele Popului tot timpul.

Astfel camerele erau inauntrul arenei Earl's Court in timp ce Mike repeta si acesta a admis ca in aceasta seara va canta melodia "we are the world".Suntem curiosi ce alte surprize ne-a pregatit Michael astazi:-))

Deasemenea Michael a acceptat cu mult entuziasm sa participe la petrecerea data de fanii lui la o cafenea din Londra miercuri intre 9pm si 3 am.


michael jackson



michael jackson

WMA 2006

Ieri la Londra o fost un entuziasm general.Intalneai fani ai lui Michael peste tot si toata lumea abia astepta ceremonia de premiere.Michael arata foarte elegant si fericit.Totul a mers grozav pana la recitalul lui Michael unde sunetul a fost oprit in mijlocul cantecului.Pe parcursul showului au mai existat alte multe probleme tehnice.Asteptam inca niste detalii despre ce s-a intamplat exact acolo aseara.Pana atunci insa iata cateva fotografii de la gala:


michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson


Organizatorii premiilor WMA au spus ca recitalul lui Michael a fost taiat din cauza faptului ca ceremonia depasise timpul alocat.

"Stateam si il urmaream pe Jackson cantand cand sunetul s-a oprit.",a relatat Julius Just seful serviciului Relatii cu publicul responsabil de


"Au taiat sunetul unuia dintre cei mai mari artisti din lume.. "

"Este prima data in 18 ani de cand se desfasoara premiile World Music Awards cand se intampla asa ceva."

Dar oficilalii responsabili de inchirierea salii au spus ca nu ei au oprit muzica."Noi am incercat si am reusit sa obtinem pt organizatorii evenimentului o prelungire ca sa isi poata desfasura showul pana la ora 11.Din punctul nostru de vedere au terminat cu 1minut si jumatate mai devreme."

Totusi potrivit BBC , Michael nu a intentionat sa cante,ci doar sa primeasca un premiu.

Se pare ca organizatorii au fost total depasiti de evenimente si au incurcat tot spectacolul.

Aseara Mike a fost la Royal Albert Hall impreuna cu Grace,Raymone si normal cei mici pentru a urmari filmul Mary Poppins.La intrare i-a rugat pe primii 15 fani de la coada sa savureze impreuna cu el si familia lui pelicula in sala.Michael a fost foarte vesel,le-a explicat scene din film copiilor,s-a jucat cu Paris care a gangurit fericita.Cand s-au deschis luminile, oamenii din sala l-au observat si mai bine si multimea a fost in extaz.

La hotel Michael si-a salutat fanii si a dat mana cu cativa dintre ei.

michael jackson
In dreapta puteti sa ii observati pe Michael impreuna cu Grace ;-)) michael jackson

Relatarea unui fan care a fost in sala la WMA-Sursa MJJFORUM

"Hi guys! I’ve just got back from London. Feel like I should give a little report, hehe.

Me and mjdave arrived about 3:30pm, and after dropping off at our hotel, went straight to Earl’s Court. There were so many fans there already, behind some barriers, and we went and joined them for a bit and everyone was so excited, It was REALLY cold though, I didn’t bring a coat or anything, as I knew it would be hot inside.

It took us almost half an hour to queue up to COLLECT our tickets. Was so cold. And then we waited outside for another ¾ of an hour, it was still quite early then though, it was about 5ish and no celebrities had turned up, but there were lots of media there, and the fans were going crazy.

We started queueing, and the whole thing was a MESS. Apparently, some of the fans, who had been queueing up since the early morning, had been allowed in (200 or so I think) and that they were causing mahem inside, shoving and pushing, and just generally causing havoc. A man came out and made an announcement, that we would have to wait outside until they had sorted out everyone inside. So some over-excited fans in there ruined it for the rest of us, and we ended up waiting outside in the freezing cold, queuing, for THREE hours. People were getting really restless, and there was a bit shoving from the back. I was so squished.

We finally managed to get our wristbands, and after about 1 ½, made our way into the arena. The show didn’t start until 8pm. Beyonce opened the show, and she was AMAZING. She did some Michael Jackson moves in her opening song and it was sooo cool!

I tell you though, the atmosphere for Michael was just incredible. I’d say, 90% of the people there were there just to see Michael. Every 5/10 minutes or so, there would just be huge chants of “MICHAEL! MICHAEL!” “MICHAEL! MICHAEL”, we were all chanting over Lindsay Lohan. They seemed to have quite a few technical difficulties, and there were loads of breaks between performances, and were were just all going mental screaming for Michael. It was just.. god, the atmosphere in there was immense. Everyone was just so excited.

Lindsay and this other lady, and Peter Andre and Katie Price all mentioned Michael, saying “But we know you’re all waiting for the big guy!” , and “Only here for one man!” and we all just went mad!!

Unfortuntely we lost our place near the front, because it got so hot in there I thought I was going to faint (one woman did right by us) so I just knew I had to get out and get a drink. We ended up standing at the back, but right near the bit of the platform that sticks out. The show stopped for a while, I’d say about 20 minutes, and everyone just knew this was the moment.

There was this big announcement, and everyone was just like *S**T, this is IT!” and all of a sudden Chris Brown appeared, which was kind of like, “damn”, lol, but it was just great, and we were all singing along, and we knew Michael would be next.

He got a huge applause, and then there was another announcement for Michael’s Award. IT WAS AMAZING. The atmosphere was INCREDIBLE. It was so hard to see him, people were screaming, and yelling, and jumping up and down, and everyone had their arms in the air taking pictures. Beyonce handed him the award, and she just looked flustered! Lol! Michael made a little speech, I was too excited to really take it in, but he wanted to thank his children, and he named them all and they got big cheers, and wanted to thank us, and he told us he loved us and thanked us again for sticking by him for the past two years (which, once again, got a massive cheer), and then he thanked his mom and dad, who (I believe) were in the VIP bit, (but I’m not too sure about that). But he pointed to a particular corner when he said their names.

Everyone was just going crazy, jumping up and down, and the noise was deafening. Once Michael had collected his award, he walked off and we all thought “this is IT, this is the MOMENT!” the lights went off, and then suddenly back on, and … it was Rhianna. We were gutted, and she got the worst booing of her LIFE. I felt awful, but it was SUCH a let down. We weren’t booing because of her (she got a big cheer at the end because she did really well), we were just all impatient to see Michael.

There was another break, and then people wearing white t-shirts started walking onto the stage. About 20/30 or so? And I remember Dave saying that it was a CHOIR. It WAS. Michael came out, looking SO good, and got the biggest cheer yet. I couldn’t hear myself think. I thought it was a bit weird, I couldn’t see the stage very well because I’m so small and there were huge people there, but at one point I thought Stevie Wonder was on stage too. Turns out that they had kept his voice on the track too, which was a bit messy. All the choir were going mental over Michael too, they got to hug him and all sorts. He sang a few lines, he sounded quite good, but it was the normal pitch for We Are The World, and (obviousally) struggled slightly to hit those high notes. The mic wasn’t great though, and he was excited and looked SO happy, and not catching his breath as much, so admittedly, it didn’t sound GREAT. It was quite quiet, but at the time, people were more aware of the fact that he was on stage, and he was walking onto the sticky-out bit of the stage, which I was standing by. He was literally, 3 / 4 foot away from me but I just couldn’t see him at all There were 5/6 people in front of me and they were so tall, and we were screaming, and filming, and reaching out for him and he was shaking hands, and he just looked GREAT. He was happy and smiley, and I almost burst into tears. He was SO SO close, but SO far away.

I think then he sang another couple of lines, and then it ended. He got this humungous cheer (AGAIN!) and we were all chanting, and then there was a big announcement saying that the show had finished.

I’m going to be totally honest here and say I WAS disappointed. We never had confirmation that he was going to perform Thriller, and I thought that Chris Brown did it really well, but the fact is, Raymone never denied it point blank, and we were all expecting something a little more. I mean, it was FANTASTIC, but we just KNEW that he was going to get slated by the press. There was no real fancy lights, the kids were just dressed in jeans and t-shirts, he never danced, and he sang 6/7 lines live. But to see him on stage with a mic in his hand was just amazing.

I was disappointed, I saw some fans crying at the end (don’t know whether it was because of excitement, or the fact that some fans were a little disappointed too), but looking back at it now, it was STILL brilliant.

The atmosphere was amazing, he looked great, he got chants and cheers every 5/ 10 minutes, he was just AWESOME. I love him, it was great to be so close to him, I was going mental.

After the party had finished we had a tip-off from some woman on the steps that he was at the Clapham Grand, so me and 5 others spent £40 there in a taxi there and back, only to find that it was BS, and that silly bitch was messing fans about. Gutted. I got a message from Dee, saying that the party had been cancelled (we were wondering why there was no announcement at the show).

Anyway, instead we decided to go to the Helpel Hotel where he was staying, there were quite a few fans there, and bearing it in mind it was past 1 in the morning, they were screaming and chanting and cheering, and when we arrived there we heard this big roar, and we were just like “S**T, here’s you money, QUICK!” to the taxi man and we jumped out and legged it to the hotel. Michael was playing with the curtain, and then I think he waved through his window, but the crowd went quite far away past his windows, so it was hard to tell.

It was coming onto 2am when we left to go back to our hotel, and we were absolutely shattered.

We went back to his hotel again this morning from about 11-1, (missed our train) and didn’t even get a glimpse of him or anything, lol, but the atmosphere was still exciting. We were scared to leave because we knew that if we turned around and went he would walk out or something! Lol. Oh well.

I just, LOVED it. Michael is amazing. It was the first time I had seem him EVER, and it was fantastic. Don’t believe the reports that he can’t sing, he DID, but the notes were HIGH, so he was quieter and the mic wasn’t loud. He wasn’t booed at all, everyone went mad for him, he wasn’t booed outside either, everyone was just too excited.

And to all the fans I met, you were GREAT. Thanks so much for making it special. Becky and Jacinta (finally!) and Dave and Dee you were sooooooo lovely. It was great to finally meet you two, you were awesome.

I’m absolutely shattered, but it was so worth it.

Thanks guys, and last but not least, thank YOU Michael Jackson, for being so wonderful. We love you."


La WMA a fost chiar si o cearta intensa in culise:Paris Hilton a cerut ca ea sa il premieze pe Michael in locul lui Beyonce.Din acest motiv a durat atat de mult pana Mike a aparut pe scena.

Echipa lui a anuntat un promo pe ecrane.Nu s-a intamplat.De asemenea premiul trebuia inmanat lui Michael la mijlocul scenei.Nu s-a intamplat.Securitatea a decis ca nu pot garanta pentru siguranta lui Mike.

Organizatia i-a anuntat pe fani ca Michael va canta Thrller.Mike nu a fost de acord sa cante decat We are the world impreuna cu ceilalti artisti prezenti la gala.Dar organizatorii au blocat accesul pe scena si ceilalti nu au mai putut intra.Foarte inteligent...

Michael nu a fost deloc multumit ca biletele pentru fani au fost atat de scumpe.El a cerut bilete gratuite.Dar cand au sosit fanii au fost alungati-li s-a spus ca lista cu castigatorii biletelor gratuite a fost pierduta.

Michael a vrut sa defileze pe covorul rosu.Dar securitatea a fost o varza...

Totusi Michael si-a respectat contractul promovand diferite firme si produsele lor.

Michael a vrut sa mearga la cumparaturi la Hamleys, Disney Store sau Harrods.Nu i s-a permis.Organizatorii au aflat despre calatoriile lui cand el era deja in magazine.

Printul Albert nu a mai vrut sa aiba de a face cu acest eveniment si se gandeste sa isi creeze alta gala.

Si de ce a mers marti la Guiness Book?Ca un oarecare?Trebuie sa fie facuta o conferinta de presa unde sa fie prezenta si media si fanii si in care sa ii fie inmanate trofeele.

Michael a picat intr-o capcana si R.Bain si de fapt toata echipa sunt primii care trebuie invinuiti!

VIDEO Guiness

Spotlight on Jackson at World Music Awards

By Cesar G. Soriano, Special to USA TODAY

LONDON - With a few thrilling bars of We Are the World, Michael Jackson made a triumphant return to the spotlight at the World Music Awards Wednesday.

"There have been so many who have loved me and stood by me throughout my 42 years in the entertainment business," Jackson, 48, told screaming fans after he received a lifetime achievement award to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thriller.

Jackson, dressed in a sequined black tuxedo, said little and sang even less, but that didn't dampen the spirits of his fans, many of whom traveled from around the world to witness Jackson's comeback.

"I love all of my fans from the bottom of my heart," Jackson told the crowd after accepting the Diamond Award, given to artists who have sold more than 100 million albums. Previous recipients include Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi and Celine Dion.

"It was my dream that Thriller would become the biggest-selling album ever. And God has answered my prayers. ... I thank God and you for this success," Jackson said, thanking his parents, siblings and his children.

R&B star Chris Brown, backed by dozens of dancers in zombie make-up, opened for Jackson with rendition of Thriller.

"He has influenced my life since day one, since I was in my mama's womb," Brown said before the show. "I was listening to his music as I was coming out and I'm here to play tribute to him."

The concert marked the latest public appearance by the reclusive celebrity, who moved to Bahrain in a self-imposed exile after his acquittal of child-molestation charges last year. Jackson now lives in Ireland south of Dublin. Jackson spent the past week in London, making several shopping and sightseeing outings.

Jackson was toasted by a slew of celebrities including host Lindsay Lohan. Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, Enya, Andrea Bocelli and Katie Melua performed.

In the VIP area, guests Paris Hilton, Rachel Hunter, Natalie Imbruglia, Tommy Hilfiger and Jade Jagger mingled, nibbled on sushi and sipped Moet champagne.Hundreds of fans who weren't lucky enough to score tickets to the event held vigil outside, singing Jackson songs and waving banners.

"He's part of my heart, part of my life," said Vincent Descamps, 18, of Lille, France, holding a giant American flag printed with Jackson's face.

Diana Esquivel, who traveled from San Francisco, said she did not consider the appearance a comeback. "In my eyes, he never left."

Reportaj MTV cu organizatoare WMA

"World Music Awards founder Melissa Corken has spoken out in defence of MJ's 'performance' at the bash last Wednesday night.

Talking to MTV UK News, she said, "Let's get this straight, Michael was coming to collect an award, not perform. He doesn't have a record ready.

"The press picked up on a rumour that he was going to sing 'Thriller'. He was NEVER going to perform 'Thriller'. It was always going to be Chris Brown performing as a tribute"

She continued, "Michael was a little overwhelmed by (the press stories). He said I can't do 'Thriller' because I haven't done it for ten years.

"He wasn't quite ready to perform but he wanted to do something more than just accept his award so he decided to sing some of 'We Are The World'. He was courageous enough to do that."

And while most of the British tabs bigged up how many boos he got, Melissa told us the overall vibe of the show was overwhelmingly positive.

"He's played two times at the WMAs already but this time was even more explosive - I've never felt energy like that before. It was just wonderful. Over 10,000 people from all across the world came to see him.

"I love Michael, everyone assumes he's a diva but he's not - he demands nothing. He's just a really nice simple man. I went to see him and his beautiful children chilling in their hotel room."

And despite all the stick he also got for his appearance, Melissa told us that up close MJ looks fine. "He has beautiful skin and nice hair. He was looking good.""



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Surpriza:CBS anunta relansarea faimoasei case de discuri CBS Records.Cu ajutorul celor doua parti,Columbia si Epic,CBS a un urias al industriei muzicale pana cand a fost cumparat de Sony in 1988.Unele dintre cele mai bine vandute albume ale tuturor timpurilor-Michael jackson-Thriller sau The Eagles-Greatest hits,au fost opera celor de la CBS.


Raymone Bain a dat acet comunicat de presa:

"Domnul Jackson NU vinde ferma sa Neverland.Am tot repetat acest lucru,dar multi in loc sa-l creada pe Michael se bazeaza pe o gramada de surse nefondate."

MICHAEL VREA SA SE FACA DREPTATE=>proces cu fosta firma de contabilitate

michael jackson

michael jackson

michael jackson



"I am extremely shocked and saddened by the death of my mentor and friend, James Brown. Words cannot adequately express the love and respect that I will always have for Mr. Brown. There has not been, and will never be another like him. He is irreplaceable.

I send my love and heartfelt condolences to his family.


Pregatirile sunt gata la The James Brown Arena din Augusta, Georgia pentru inmormantarea lui James Brown de sambata.Deasemenea a fost confirmata participarea cantaretului pop Michael Jackson,alaturi de alte figuri de marca din industria muzicala sau din politica americana.


Orice artist de rap, hip-hop, house, soul, R&B, rock sau pop pe care il apreciem azi a fost cu siguranta influentat de James Brown.Brown a fost constient pana in ultimul moment iar la un moment dat a spus:''I'm going away tonight", a marturisit prietenul sau Charles Bobbit,care atat langa cantaret pana in ultimul moment."Nu am vrut sa il cred ", a mai declarat acesta.





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james brown concert'80

Michael Jackson a venit pentru prima data in USA dupa ce a fost achitat de toate acuzatiile in 2005. Acesta a participat la inmormantarea lui James Brown care a avut loc in orasul sau natal Augusta, Georgia.

Jackson l-a laudat pe James Brown si a declarat ca acesta l-a influentat enorm.

"Cand l-am vazut dansand am fost vrajit",a spus Jackson sambata.

michael jackson

"Nu am vazut pe nimeni care sa-l poata egala pe scena ca "performer" si am stiut atunci,pe loc, ca asta este viata pe care mi-o doresc."

Jackson a adugat ca in copilarie mama lui il chema la televizor de fiecare data cand canta James Brown."James Brown imi vei lipsi foarte mult.Tin la tine atat de mult.Multumesc pentru tot ce mi-ai oferit", a incheiat Michael.