Michael Jackson News 2008

The first single from Thriller 25,The girl is mine,will be released on jan 14.You will be able to listen the song
on the radio and buy it online.The single will hit the stores in just 2 weeks.

Michael will be honored at this years BET HONORS special.This will air on feb 22.

Sony redesigned the website dedicated to Michael: www.michaeljackson.com .Here you can find out more about
Thriller 25.

michael jackson

Facts about the new album

Michael personally calls Gloria - MJNI president November 2005
Michael then became very excited as he told me about a new song which he had written and which he wanted the fans to know about, saying, "I can't wait to record it. I wrote it during the trial. You could let them know..." The song Michael was inspired to write for the fans during the trial is titled 'You Are So Beautiful.' I asked him to clarify for me - would this song be on the next album? And, this is a different song to the as-yet unnamed charity single? He confirmed "yes" to both questions.
Michael says, "I love the fans and everything they do... everything. I see everything they do, I don't miss anything. I notice and feel everything, from their letters and posters and signs and gifts."

Michael Jackson speaks to Billy Bush from Access Hollywood October 2006
(asked if he is writting music again) I never stopped (smiles).. I'm always writing a potpourri of music, you know, it's how it is.

Will.i.am speaks to Billy Bush from Access Hollywood October 2006
Something needs to put a jolt back in the music industry. And the only thing that can do that is the jolt itself. The energy that sparked the imagination of the kids that are... me, you know, the Justin Timberlake's, we're all products of this. (Motions to Michael) So the only person that can put that jolt back in to that monstrosity of entertainment and music is the one who created that. (Motions to Michael again)

Michael Jackson speaks to reporters at World Music Awards November 2006
(asked if he has started recording new material) Yes.
(so far its going) Excellent.
(is the king of pop back) Yes.
Im putting it together - mainly writing it myself, and working with other people.

Will.i.am talks to Billboard.com in January 2007
Man, he still sings like a bird. He could go anywhere. I think we have a real opportunity to do something here. It's either gonna be really big or nobody's gonna care. Ain't no middle ground on this one.

Will.i.am speaks to reporters at Cannes MidemNet Conference January 2007
Michael Jackson is working day and night on this great, great record. I heard and see him in the studio and he is creating a masterpiece. A lot of people in the industry are involved or want to be involved. From producers to marketing people.

Raymone Bain statement re: Michael's current career situation 2007
"He hasn't made up his mind about whether a Vegas show is in the cards for him," stated his rep, Raymone Bain. "He's been in the studio since November 2006 working on his music. He's been presented with various proposals. A Vegas show isn't a priority". "He's in Las Vegas now. He's pretty grounded in Vegas. It's very convenient for producers and songwriters to get to him. He's worked there before. He's been recording with producers Rodney Jerkins, will.i.am and Neff-U"

Akon talks to Rolling Stone in April 2007
I'm excited, im highly excited because I think it's gonna be magic when we get together.
All the stuff that he's going through, that he's been through the past two years, the stuff that's been out in the media... the stuff that hasn't been out, I think he needs to just take all that (and) put it in his records. It's a big story.
Nobody's ever really heard Mike's story... People go by what they heard or what they're told but nobody never really heard him and his story, and what captivated all those movements. If he takes that and accepts what's been out there and expresses his opinion, express his feelings, express what he felt on a record I think it'd take his whole album to a whole 'nother level because the album now becomes a soundtrack of his life from that point to this point and that's something people are gonna want to know about - that's something people are going to want to hear from him. And with his voice, and with our melodies, with the way and how we can bring it across I think it would be incredible.

Big Chuck (uncle of Neff-U) re: Michael's new album tracks
(Michael is) ready to take over the world. He's got some hot records. Will.I.Am did one, Teddy Riley (did one). We're giving Michael a lot of edgy street records. He's putting melodies to some hard party records.

Akon speaks to a reporter July 2007
(asked what he is doing with MJ) Whoo! It's gonna be incredible. He's incredible. I see why now he is so big. He is a genius. Yeah, he's a genius.

Producer Syience SOHH Exclusive July 2007
"I'm actually working on music for him now," he said. "I always wanted to be a part of anything he ever did. Nobody really knows what Michael Jackson is going to do. Even the biggest producers and writers are not sure what's going to happen with that, but we are all sitting back and still creating and trying to get on the project. They asked me to work on the project so we're working on it."

Will.i.am revealing two song titles Feb & August 2007
Rolling Stone magazine article published in February of 2007 stated that the pair had drafted eight new songs and physically tracked one, titled "I'm Dreamin'".
On the 13th of August 2007, will.i.am told reporters at a Black Eyed Peas press conference in South Korea that another track he recorded with Jackson is titled "The Future". Another song title that will.i.am has revealed is "Still The King".

Will.i.am speaks to Times Online in August 2007
[Jackson's] voice is still incredible. It's not about crazy beats that are going be here today and gone tomorrow, but melodies that will stay for a lifetime.

Will.i.am speaking to Ryan Seacrest in August 2007
I went to Ireland to work with Mike, that was a great experience.
We probably did like 3 or 4 songs - 2 of them are (finished)
I dont know when he's gonna put em out, its his project, ya know - I'd put em out tomorrow!
(how is he doin?) Awesome - (how was he to work with?) The freshest.
When i was with him it was super-duper place, ya know - Flying to Ireland, and being there for like a week, this great facility, great studios, great vibe, great atmosphere - it was just the awesomest.
(the songs) Are just feel-good joints - just really feel-good songs. I wrote 2 songs, then he wrote one song, and we wrote one song together.

Will.i.am talks to Rolling Stone magazine September 2007
We're taking it day by day, we've finished some songs. I like what I'm doing, I'm really happy with it, but it's not my project to talk about. I could be talking about song titles what they sound like and be excited about it, but those songs I made may not make his record and then I look like an idiot.

Will.i.am at Pepsi/BEP press conference 2007
I've done 3 songs with Michael Jackson now, and maybe it will come out next year - we dont know - but ima continue to work with Michael Jackson.. yep.
(asked about the sound of the tracks) I heard it (laughs). Yeah, its pretty amazing, yep. But i cant, you know its Michael Jackson, I cant talk about it.

Will.i.am talks to AP in September 2007
Just working on records, making music, working on stuff for his next project. I'd be like, ''Hey Mike, you like this?'' (He imitates Jackson's voice) ''It's all right, it's cool. But I think we need something a little bit bigger.'' OK, if you don't want it, I'll just put it over here (on my album). Ain't nothing to me, just drag the little folder to the ''will ''folder (laughs)

Will.i.am talks to Trevor Nelson (Radio 1) September 2007
So we're talking on the phone talking about ideas and two months later i fly out to Ireland and we, you know, start making some songs. Then four months later i fly out to Vegas and we make, you know, in the studio again. But about time the record comes out i dont know, he could be like "you know, the songs were cool ya know.. i dont think ima use them". I dont know. All i know is i work with the dude so..

Will.i.am on German MTV in September 2007
(about jackson's new album) Melodies, it's all about the melodies. About the melodies and the king of grooves you will play 10 years from now - Anticipate 10 years from now.

Kanye West on Michael Jackson October 2007
I'm working on stuff for Michael Jackson. If I like a person's outlet or what a person brings to the table then I'll speak to them.

Will.i.am talks to Sydney (Australia) reporter October 2007
We ... treat Michael Jackson as a new artist and just make songs with infectious melodies. The songs will speak for themselves. I am sworn to silence or Michael is known to get pretty violent (laughs).

Akon to MTV in November 2007
He's a genius. Just to be in the same room [with him], I felt everything I wanted to accomplish in life has been achieved. That aura ... that's how incredible that aura is. We about to shake the world up, man. You know how you be with somebody and you can't even explain [the feeling]? I used to sit and think,'How does somebody sell so many records and dominate a whole business genre, to a point [where] nobody can't be a part of that without associating with you?' The way he thinks ... some artists think regional, some think national, I was thinking international. He thinks planets. It's on another level."

Michael Jackson talks to Bryan Monrow from Ebony Magazine November 2007
(asked can we expect more of Michael Jackson)
I'm writting alot of stuff right now. I'm in the studio, like, every day. I think, like, the rap thing that is happening now, when it first came out, I always felt that it was gonna take more of a melodic structure to make it more universal, 'cause not everyone speak English. (laughs) And you're limited to your country. But when you have a melody, and everybody can hum a melody, then that's when it became France, The Middle East, everywhere! All over the world because they put that melodic, linear thread in there. You have to be able to hum it, from the farmer in Ireland to the lady who scrubs toilets in Harlem to anybody who can whistle to a child poppin' their fingers. You have to be able to hum it.

Will.i.am speaking to reporters November 2007
The sh** is awesome.
(when will the album be finished?) I dont know. Mike, Mike is ahh, he's real like.. fine-tune king. Whenever he says 'go'.

Ne-yo gives radio interview December 2007
(when asked what he did for Michael Jackson) I can't talk about it. They won't let me, they, you know - He wants to world to be shocked. They said, let it be known that your working with him, but you cant give no song titles, you cant go into detail. And out of respect for the King you, i gotta.. (stops talking) Thats real respect right there.
(asked when its being released) I'm not sure. He's taking his time on it and being extra extra picky, you know. This is gonna be a big album for him - So he's taking his time, yeah.
(asked how many songs he submitted) I've submitted a bunch of songs, you, we have conversations about it but i dont know exactly what he's gonna use.

Akon talks on radio interview December 2007
(asked why he got in late) I was workin on MJ's new project. Yeah man, working on his new project, getting ready to launch his album. Oh man he got a surprise for you guys for Superbowl. Yeah man the guy's about to and take over 2008.
(asked is it a performance) I cant say anything.
I didnt say he was gonna perform. Im not gonna tell you too much, i may have told you too much already.
You see Mike has something totally separate going on, its just happening around the Superbowl time, so, ill give you a hint - His prescence will be felt around that time.

Carlos Santana on Mas Vale Tarde with Alex Cambert
Michael, called me not too long ago and he asked me to work with him and Quincy Jones which both are back working together again

Source: www.mjjcommunity.com

Thriller 25 sold very well in the last few weeks.It is already in the charts!And it is a really good album:the new songs (collaborations with younger artits) are high quality,totally different from what we heard on the web, and the old songs are still magic,the way they were 25 years ago.

In other news Michael has to pay 25 millions if he wants to keep Neverland,otherwise it goes for auction on march 19.We will see if Michael wants to forget the past or if he still cares about that piece of property...

michael jackson

Michael Jackson created the version of Neverland that we all know; it didn't create him. That 2,800 acres of lush, green peaceful serenity didn't exist before Michael used his genius imagination to bring it into being.

No matter what he chooses to do, even if he wants to bulldoze everything and parcel it off piece by piece for investment purposes, both he and his kids will be fine.

People should worry more about the little american that is now having so much problems with loans that are imposible to pay...

Thriller 25 is America's #2 Top-Selling Album this week, more than a quarter century after the album's original release. With first week's sales in the United States totaling 165,805 units, Thriller25 enters the Billboard Top Pop Catalog chart at #1.

The owner of a Santa Monica-based air charter service has been ordered to pay attorney Mark Geragos and an associate more than $12 million for ordering secret videotaping of Michael Jackson and the lawyers as they flew with the pop star to his surrender on molestation charges in 2003.

This time, it was told that there are problems with the payments for the Jackson family home in Encino, CA. Documents dated Feb. 7 show the notice of default was withdrawn.
So Michael is still the one that is taking care of the bills.Maybe some of his siblings could be kicking in some cash to pay for the family home as well....

Janet Jackson on Larry King Feb 28 2008




Neverland deal

Jackson attorney L. Londell McMillan told The Associated Press on Thursday that the pop star has worked out a "confidential" agreement with Fortress Investment Group, LLC. The deal allows him to retain ownership of the famed property in Los Olivos.

"Neverland and MJ are fine," McMillan said.

Vote for Michael


Other news

A woman who has long claimed to be Michael Jackson's wife has been arrested for trespassing at the entertainer's Neverland Ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Santa Barbara County sheriff's deputies were called to the ranch east of Los Olivos on Monday night after Neverland security officers detained her on the property.

Michael's older brother Tito has spent the weekend house hunting in the town of Barnstaple in the West Country.Another house for the Jackson family...




Our team has this message for you,on this special day feb 12 2008:
This is the day when Thriller 25 hits the stores.Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time.
But this is not about numbers.We could see in '82 ,maybe for the first time,a great artist and a sweet human being that touched so many lives. His magic can not be described,you just have to live it!

But why did we decided to write this lines?Because in the last period of time we saw a lot of fans talk in a way that wouldn't make Michael proud.I'm sorry to say but we are selfish...
A lot of fans were upset because Michael didn't come to the Grammy award show on Sunday.Why would they want him there,I just don't understand... He doesn't have a new album yet so he had just old songs to play...And then we would say we expected more and we didn't like his performance...Like we did on WMA. He will do award shows when he will have something new to sing.That's normal.

We have to understand that Michael is first an artist and art takes time.Plus we should stop telling him what he should do. He is a 49 years old man so I think he has the right to do what he thinks is best.
He told us we will hear other materials from him,that he is not over.What we want more,a written contract?
It is our fault too that things are slow-all this conditions and desires...

We should start thinking that what was really bad is behind and the future looks bright:-)

michael jackson
michael jackson


A lot of good business done lately...

Even if the media says Michael will sell his part of the Sony/ATV catalog, Martin Bandier,SONY/ATV CEO, doesn't agree with this rumor:
“I don't think that Michael is interested in selling his share.He is a very good business partner for us,he is very respected by all artists,so he can open a lot of doors.”

Siedah Garrett talks about working with Michael


For more visit:

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LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Michael Jackson today announced that the foreclosure sale of his Neverland Ranch property scheduled for this week has been cancelled by Colony Capital, LLC, which just acquired the existing loan on Neverland Ranch from an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group.

Mr. Jackson said, "I am pleased with recent developments involving Neverland Ranch and I am in discussions with Colony and Tom Barrack with regard to the Ranch and other matters that would allow me to focus on the future."

Try to see Neverland using the satelite :-)


Remember,it's close to Los Olivos, California.


michael jackson

Christian Audigier's bday @ LA

The famously reclusive Billie Jean singer took to the stage at the 50th birthday celebrations of Christian Audigier - the French designer behind fashion label Ed Hardy.

Michael in Las Vegas
michael jackson
michael jackson


In a new interview, Akon protege Ray Lavender spoke of Akon's work and the possibility of a tour with Michael Jackson.

Lavender says, "...we have a big tour coming up with Akon and Michael Jackson. How big is that?" He continues, "Yeah, I call Akon everyday and ask him if he is for real. But you know he did 6 or 7 new songs on Michael Jackson's new album, so it's very realistic.

michael jackson
michael jackson


Michael attended Christian Audigier's party so now there are rumors that he and MJ will launch new MJ clothing line...


A Los Angeles judge has denied a new trial for an air charter service ordered to pay $20.25 million for secretly videotaping Michael Jackson and his lawyers as the pop star flew in from Las Vegas to face charges in 2003.


Hold My Hand
written by Claude Kelly
performed by Akon and Michael Jackson
(Instrumental intro)
Konvict Musik.




This life don't last forever (both: hold my hand)
So tell me what we're waitin' for (both: hold my hand)
We're better off being together (both: hold my hand)
Than being miserable alone (both: hold my hand)

Cause I've been there before
And you've been there before
But together we can be alright. (chorus: alright) (Michael: yea)
Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold
We can hold eachother till we see the sunlight (chorus: sunlight)

Michael: So if you just
(chorus) Hold My Hand
Akon: Baby I promise that I'll do
(chorus) All I can
Akon: Things will get better if you just
(chorus) Hold my hand
Akon: Nothing can come in between us if you just
Akon: Hold
(chorus) Hold my
Akon: Hold
(chorus) Hold my
Akon: Hoooooold
(all) Hold my hand (Michael: hold my hand)

The nights are getting darker (both: hold my hand)
And there's no peace inside (both: hold my hand)
So why make our lives harder (chorus: why make our lives harder) (both: hold my hand)
By fighting love, tonight. (both: Soooooo)

Cause I've been there before
And you've been there before
But together we can be alright (chorus: Alright) (Akon: Alright)
Cause when it gets dark, and when it gets cold
We can hold eachother till we see the sunlight (Akon: til' we see the sunlight) (Akon: ohh yeaah)

Akon: So if you just..
(chorus) Hold my hand
Akon: Baby I promise that I'll do
(chorus) All I can (Michael: if you just, if you just)
Akon: Things will get better if you just
(chorus) Hold my hand (Michael: yeaaaa)
Akon: Nothing can come in between us if you just
Akon: Hold
(chorus) Hold my (Michael: hoooooo)
Akon: Hold
(chorus) Hold my
Akon: Hoooooold
(all) Hold my hand (Michael: hold my hand)

(x2) Akon:
I can tell that your tired of bein' lonely (Michael: yea) ( on 2nd time repeat- Michael: Hold my hand )
Take my hand don't let go baby hold me (Michael: yeaaa) ( on 2nd time repeat- Akon: Hold me )
Talk to me an let me be your one and only (Michael: hold my haaaand) ( on 2nd time repeat- Akon: One and only! )
Cause I can make it alright till the mornin' (Michael: hold my hand) ( on 2nd time repeat- Michael: hold my hand ..)

-repeat verse-

(chorus) Hold my hand, (Michael: yeaaaa)
Akon: Baby I promise that I'll do (Michael: hold my hand)
(chorus) All I can (Michael: hold my hand)
Akon: Things will get better if you just (Michael: hooooooo)
(chorus) Hold my hand (Akon: hooooold my haand)
Akon: Nothin' can come between us if you just
Akon: Hold (Michael: hoo)
(chorus) Hold my
Akon: Hold (Michael: hoo)
(chorus) Hold my
Akon: Hoooooold (Michael: hoo)
(all) Hold my hand

Chorus now joins in stronger [forte]:
(chorus) Hold my hand
Akon: Baby I promise that I'll do (Michael: yea, yea)
(chorus) All I can (Michael: yea, yea)
Akon: Things will get better if you just (Michael: hold my haaand)
(chorus) Hold my hand (Akon: hoold my haand)
Akon: Nothin' can come between us if you just
Akon: Hold (Michael: hoo)
(chorus) Hold my
Akon: Hold(Michael: hoo)
(chorus) Hold my
Akon: Hooold (Michael: hoo)
(all): Hold My Hand
Akon: Hold my hand
-echo out-


Gary, Ind., could soon be the home to a new museum dedicated to its most famous family: the Jacksons – as in Michael, Janet, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya and their siblings.

As CBS 2's Kristyn Hartman reports, their proud papa Joseph Jackson was in Gary Tuesday for a new reality show about the family.

The Jackson siblings grew up in Gary, so when the dad who developed their talent pays the city a visit, it's a sign-worthy day.

Posters taped to the doors at Gary's City Hall said "Come meet Joe."" Mayor Rudy Clay led the charge.

While Joe Jackson shot footage for his new reality TV show, Clay talked about plans for a home for some of the musical family's memorabilia; plans that have failed before.

"We had to get a commitment solid from Joe here today. We got that on camera," Clay said. Asked whether he got the commitment in writing, Clay said, "Let me put it like this, the paperwork has to come after the commitment.

The developer wouldn't speak with us on camera, but said the museum would be near Grant Street and Interstate 80/94. She also said the project's in the earliest of stages, but would be privately funded.

Joe Jackson said he was lending his approval to it, but was not promising to help finance it.

The family reportedly has had financial issues. Longtime confidant Majestik Magnificent said that's false.

"M.J. can make more money on accident than more people can on purpose. They say he's losing Neverland, but anything that goes away from Michael is because he don't want it anymore," Magnificent said.

What do the people of Gary want? Restaurant manager Mike Parker said, "We're behind anything that will make Gary better." That would include a museum that might bring business to places like his restaurant.

Joe Jackson and the entourage ate at Parker's restaurant before heading to the home where the whole history began and where a crowd welcomed him and the new Jackson Family Boulevard.

MICHAEL JACKSON wowed cinemagoers in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday afternoon (14Jul08) when he took his kids to see WALL-E on the big screen.
The pop superstar, his three children and four security guards checked out a matinee screening of the hit Pixar movie at a virtually empty cinema at the Palms resort.
One eyewitness, who was watching the film with his stepdaughter, admits he was amazed when he realised who was sitting in front of him.
He tells WENN, "There were no disguises and the three kids weren't wearing the masks they've become famous for. Despite the guards, it was just a family trip to the cinema. They all wore red baseball caps.
"There was me, my stepdaughter and a Japanese couple and their kid - and that was it, so I think Michael must have picked a quiet day to come and see the film.
"They seemed to enjoy the film; Jackson's daughter appeared to like it more than anyone."



Pamela Anderson has blasted reports she's dating Michael Jackson - insisting the music legend just wants her to appear in a video.
"He just wants me to be in a video," she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday when asked about her recent meeting with the Thriller hitmaker.

Message from Michael

“I love you all from the bottom of my heart. You're a quintessential part of everything I do, of everything I create. I feel your purity and innocence from all across the world. I feel your love and it inspires me to create music every day. You inspire me and I remember everything that you do. I love you all so much.”


michael jackson

Michael Jackson and his three children, dining at Benihana at the Las Vegas Hilton on Wednesday. Hilton Executive Chef Toy Tomme personally cooked for him and his children.

It seams that Hold my hand will be released at the end of September.

Michael promised to do a video with Akon for this new balad :-D
michael jackson

Speaking briefly to Internet blogger 'thisismax' yesterday. will.i.am discussed what it's like working with Michael Jackson and confirmed that Jackson has recorded some vocals for his forthcoming album at will.i.am's own in-house studio:

"There are all these artists in the world like Ne-yo, Usher Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Fergies and Rihannas and then there is Michael Jackson. Now he has a different pace and you can not put Michael Jackson in the same category so Michael Jackson will release his album when he is ready and work with who he wants.

"Michael has come over to my crib recorded his vocals and said: 'I like it here it's nice and relaxing, comfortable is it okay if I come back tomorrow to record the rest of my vocals...' I was like sure come on through, He is a cool dude."

michael jackson michael jackson michael jackson
michael jackson michael jackson michael jackson

Michael Jackson makes visits to cosmetic and medical dermatology offices in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Thursday afternoon.

The 50-year-old “King of Pop” later made a stop at a cosmetics boutique on trendy Robertson Blvd.

Jackson browsed through the skin care products and picked up a package of Epicuren Discovery, an enzyme and propolis based spa product.

He was at Off the Wall, the West Hollywood antique store that bears the same name as his 1979 album. An inside source tells E! News that the rarely seen star bought a Pan Am aluminum cast model airplane.

The source says Michael was looking around at other items but only purchased the plane. "It was a little difficult because people were pounding on doors and windows...so he was in and out pretty quick," an eyewitness tells E! News. "The paparazzi were in hot pursuit of him."

Despite the chaos going on outside, the source said Michael didn't seem worried. "He was great," says the source.

As Jackson was exiting the store, another eyewitness tells E! News that paparazzi and fans were everywhere. "He came out and shielded himself with an umbrella at first," says another eyewitness. "Once he got in his car, he cracked the window and reached out and started shaking people's hands."

Enjoy the photos:

HALLOWEEN 2008 Photo1 Photo4
Photo2 Photo5
Photo3 Photo6

Michael sold Neverland ranch

Michael Jackson has sold Neverland Ranch to a Delaware-based corporation for approximately $35 million, although the King of Pop retains an interest in the property.

Sycamore is a joint venture between Jackson and an affiliate of Colony Capital Inc., a Los Angeles-based company that purchased the entertainer's $24.5 million mortgage on the property in May, according to a source close to the deal.
Prior to 1988, it was a working cattle ranch owned by Bill Bone.

michael jackson

Messages from Michael (notes)

The reclusive 50-year-old pop star was being sued by Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the second son of the king of Bahrain, who says Jackson reneged on a contract to record a new album and write an autobiography.The trial was settled out of court.

Sir Paul McCartney has called on Michael Jackson to release another studio album following his recent out-of-court settlement with an Arab Sheik.

The former Beatle, who appeared on Jackson's 1982 single 'The Girls Is Mine', described Jackson as “awfully good”. michael jackson

Asked what the King of Pop's next career move should be, McCartney replied: “I don't know, make another album, that'd be great.”

Michael Jackson is reportedly looking for a publishing house to put his autobiography into print.


michael jackson

<-- Michael Visits Antique Store

Upcoming Auctions


LOS ANGELES, Dec 22, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Michael Jackson's official and sole spokesperson, Dr. Tohme. Tohme, in response to recent rumors regarding Michael's alleged medical condition, has issued the following statement:

"Concerning this author's allegations, we would hope in the future that legitimate media will not continue to be exploited by such an obvious attempt to promote this unauthorized 'biography.'

The writer's wild allegations concerning Mr. Jackson's health are a total fabrication. Mr. Jackson is in fine health, and finalizing negotiations with a major entertainment company & television network for both a world tour and a series of specials and appearances."

SOURCE : Scoop Marketing ,MJJCOMMUNITY.com