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Chris Connelly: How do you plan to celebrate your 50th birthday?
Michael Jackson: Oh, I'll just have a little cake with my children and we'll probably watch some cartoons.

Chris Connelly: As you look back on your career Michael, what would you have done differently?
Michael Jackson: I am still looking forward to doing a lot of great things, so that's hard--I think the best is yet to come in my true humble opinion.

Michael Jackson: I am just watching, you know, a little James Brown show right now.
Chris Connelly: Is that right?
Michael Jackson: I love James Brown. Yes.

Chris Connelly: As you look back on 50 years in your career, at what point in your career do you think you were the happiest?
Michael Jackson: The happiest? The recording of Thriller and the Off The Wall albums. That meant very much to me and seemed to be received so beautifully by the public and the world. You know, I enjoyed it very much.

(We don't hear Chris Connelly ask this question, but it has something to do with him asking if Michael could still perform and continue to thrill people at the age of 50)
Michael Jackson: Yes! Because I am expanding a lot of the avenues. People see some of the things I do and they say why don't you show this to the world. People don't know you do these things! Well, maybe I will.
Michael Jackson: Some of the younger, newer artists -- I think Chris Brown is doing wonderful and Timberlake. I really admire what they are doing.

Chris Connelly: Is there anything you sacrificed by having this amazing career, 40 years and counting?
Michael Jackson: A lot of hard work-- sacrificing your time and your scheduling. Your childhood-- You know, you're giving up your life for the medium.

Chris Connelly: (about Michael's kids) Would you like them to have the same kind of upbringing you did in terms of getting into show business at an early age? Or do you want to say to them whoa, take a moment, enjoy your childhood?
Michael Jackson: I am letting them enjoy their childhood as much as possible. I really do -- I let them go to the arcade and get out and go to the movies and do things. I think that comes naturally. You know, I want them to get to do the things I didn't get to do.

Chris Connelly: It must mean a lot for your kids to be able to do the things that you weren't able to do, huh?
Michael Jackson: Yeah, I get pretty emotional when I see them having a wonderful time. When they are on a ride and they are screaming and they are happy and they are running. It makes me emotional.

Chris Connelly: You know, when most people turn 50, the AARP finds them and sends them an AARP card. Have you gotten an AARP card in the mail?
Michael Jackson: Not that I know of (laughs)
Chris Connelly: You never know. They can find you wherever you are.


ORIGINAL ARTICLE: August 29, 2008 13:06 PM
NEW YORK, New York --

Michael Jackson reached a milestone on Friday, turning 50 years old. But there'll be no big birthday bash for the King of Pop – he's planning on staying home with his kids, he told ABC's "Good Morning America."

"[I'll] just have a little cake with my children and we'll probably watch some cartoons," he said via phone.

And despite rumors to the contrary, Michael will not be on this year's MTV "Video Music Awards," Access Hollywood has learned.

The pop star was in good spirits on Friday, telling "GMA" he was "having a wonderful time, just relaxing" and listening to James Brown.

While Michael has been sighted recently in a wheelchair, he says he can still pull of his signature dance moves and "more."

"I feel very wise and sage, but at the same time very young," he said. "I am still looking forward to doing a lot of great things."

While he's hoping to work on new music and go on tour, he's also been focused on his three children, sons Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., Prince Michael Jackson II and daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

"I am writing all the time," he said. "I love composing and the whole thing. But I am also raising my children and enjoying it and teaching them to ride bicycles and how to read. I love it."

Asked to reflect on past achievements, Michael went back to the success of 1982's "Thriller," which became one of the best-selling albums of all time.

"That meant very much to me and seemed to be received so beautifully by the public and the world," he said. "I enjoyed it very much."

He had a tougher time picking out a favorite from his many hit songs.

"Oh boy, that's a hard one," he said, choosing "We Are the World," "Billie Jean" and "Thriller."


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