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BAD - Michael Jackson

2.The way you make me feel****
3.Speed demon***
4.Liberian girl***
5.Just good friends**
6.Another part of me****
7.Man in the mirror*****
8.I just can't stop loving you****
9.Dirty Diana****
10.Smooth criminal*****

Here are some informations about this Michael Jackson album:

  • Martin Scorsese directed the "Bad " video;this material is exceptional
  • Tatiana was the model who appered in the video for "The way you make me feel";she was the one who helped Michael present this number on tour(Bad world tour was the most successfull tour of all time-Michael made $125 mil)
  • "Speed demon"and"Smooth criminal" can be both heard in "Moonwalker"(because of the intervantion of the press we couldn't see this movie in cinemas,but it became the best sold vhs)
  • "Liberian girl" is dedicated to Elisabeth Taylor
  • "Just good friends" is a colaboration with Styvie Wonder(this two met when Michael and his brother were singing for Motown)
  • "Another part of me" is a song from the soundtrack "Captain Eo"-a Disney movie where Michael was the lead actor
  • "Dirty Diana" refers to Diana Ross
"BAD" is a more mature album where you can already feel the conscience of the artist!

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