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Michael Jackson is a great father for his three kids.We all know that already,I think.

Prince, 10, and Paris, 9 and Blanket,4, have been described as "polite" and "well-behaved"; their worst offense is said to be occasionally asking to stay up past their bedtime.

Michael insists 'no means no,' but discipline must be administered without anger or yelling.

In contrast to other celebity children, Paris helped the stewardess bake cookies in the galley and Prince Michael I wandered the aisles or played games in his dad's four-seat booth.

A good help for Michael was Grace Rwaramba,the 40 years old, nanny. She home schools the kids in a sunny classroom with tiny wooden desks and chairs on the second floor of Jackson's home.

"Grace has always made sure that Prince and Paris know they are very fortunate, and that there are children in the world who don't have food or shoes or beds to sleep in," said a source close to the Jackson family. 

But she is said to take her cues on how to manage the children from Jackson himself. 

The pop idol loathes spoiled Hollywood brats and doesn't want his kids to go sour.

When the children are naughty or unkind to one another, he favors taking things away from them and making them stand in the corner.

When they play with friends, they are not allowed to refer to their toys as "mine," and Paris and Prince were "taught that the only reason to have money is to share its benefits with others."  
"It's a big deal to Michael. When he was a kid, he had all the money in the world, but he only got a modest weekly allowance from his mom. He was never spoiled," says Taraborrelli.

But in reaction to his own father's harsh discipline Jackson will never ever lay a hand on his kids.He is completely against it.

Mike's kids are bright, confident, affectionate and considerate. They say grace before meals, speak in sentences rather than monosyllabic American grunts and are not allowed to use rude language.

So now we can really say,and Mike's enemies must acknowledge that his decision to be a father was the best in his life!

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