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DANGEROUS - Michael Jackson

2.Why you want to trip on me**
3.In the closet****
4.She drives me wild***
5.Remember the time*****
6.Can't let her get away**
7.Heal the world*****
8.Black or white*****
9.Who is it***** 10.Give in to me****
11.Will you be there***
12.Keep the faith*****
13.Gone too soon***

Here are some informations about this Michael Jackson album:

  • "Dangerous" album has so many extraordinary videos
  • "Jam" has one of the most funny videos
  • "In the closet" is one of the most sexy videos Michael ever made (Naomi Cambell is his partener)
  • "Remember the time" has a great dance scene
  • "Heal the world" and "Keep the faith" try to wake up our conscience
  • "Black or white" is a song against rasism(the more agresiv end of the video was played just a few times on MTV because in the same time some street fights took place in LA ;the similaraty was too obvious;still the melody was fresh and very successfull)
  • "Who is it" is a very sad but deep love song (the melody talks about adultery ,but the video push the idea farther criticizing prostitution); a true masterpiece
  • "Will you be there" is a song addressed to the fans
  • "Gone too soon" is a song dedicated to a child,a good friend of Michael,who died in that period (he had hemophilia and because of a blood transfusion he contacted the HIV virus)
"Dangerous" album is considered the best album from Michael.It is a mature album, with very different songs.Maybe it is the album that defines him as an artist!

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