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HISTORY - Michael Jackson

Disc 1
1.Billie Jean
2.The way you make me feel
3.Black or white
4.Rock with you
5.She's out of my life
7.I just can stop loving you
8.Man in the mirror
10.Beat it
11.The girl is mine
12.Remember the time
13.Don't stop 'til you get enough
14.Wanna be startin' something
15.Heal the world

Disc 2
2.They don't care about us*****
3.Stranger in moscow*****
4.This time around***
5.Earth song****
8.Come together*****
9.You are not alone*****
11.Tabloid junkie***
14.Little Susie*****

Here are some informations about this Michael Jackson album:

  • "History" has an entire cd with previously released songs
  • "Scream" is a colaboration with his sister Janet
  • many songs from this album refer to the pain caused by the '93 acusations
  • "Come together" is a Beatles song ;it appeared for the first time at the end of "Moonwalker"
  • his ex-wife Lisa was his partener in the video for "You are not alone"
  • "Little Susie" is one of the most moving songs from Michael
  • "Smile" is a homage to Charlie Chaplin
"History" is the most serious album from Michael.Here he sings about very important human problems!

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