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Invincible - Michael Jackson

4.Break of dawn*****
5.Heaven can wait***
6.You rock my world****
9.2000 watts****
10.You are my life**
12.Don't walk away****
14.The lost children*****
15.Whatever happens*****

Here are some informations about this Michael Jackson album:

  • "Unbreakable", "Heartbreaker", "Invincible" are very modern songs,a combination between pop and R&B
  • "Break of dawn" is one of the most sensual song from this artist
  • "Speechless" is a melody written by Michael after spending a day with children making soap bubbles and having a marvelous time
  • "Privacy" is a rock melody,a colaboration with one of his favorite guitar player-Slash;it is a song about the limits we must have cocerning the private life of a person(he was inspired by his own life and the tragedy of pricess Diana)
  • "The lost children" is a little jewelry full of sweetness and care for all our children(it is the song where his kids were asked to say a couple of words)
  • "Whatever happens" is a very successful colaboration with Santana
  • "Threatened" is a very modern song,very mysterious and extreamly specific,like beat and idea ,to Michael
Invincible is the most modern album from Michael;Here he prooved that he is still better than any pop and R&B artist of the moment!

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