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I met Michael Jackson - a fan from Italy

I Meet Michael!! He (as you know) was in italy.... he enter just in the store where I was there too! I want to send to you a message that Michael said to me. when he come in the store, there's just his bodyguards and few people. He looks around and buy many many stuff! LOL! He really like the store! I ask to him some question about the trial... how he felt, what he thinks about to return in usa... he doesn't reply about the questions when he will return to usa; when michael looks some papers that was into the store (brocures) I said ( for joke) :"Michael, sorry, those aren't girlie magazines!" for joke... but he become serious and tell me something like 'made up for the trial" or something like that... I fix him but i dont say a word anymore. he seems very disturbed, and I'm so sorry... then before he left the store, i ask to him an autograph and he wrote to me a message..."Thank you for your loyalty. Don't believe all the trial stuff that they made up about me - I love you all Michael Jackson"

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