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Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson has been married three times and has eight children. He first married Hazel Gordy in 1973 while still in the Jackson 5 . Her father, Berry Gordy , was their current manager at the time at Motown Records. When brothers changed label due to creativity reasons, Jermaine left the Jackson 5 and produced many solo records under his father-in-law's label. Hazel and Jermaine had their first child Jermaine Jr.(often called Jay) in 1977 . Their daughter Autumn Jackson was born in 1978 .

In 1985 Jermaine had a daughter called Dawn. However, her mother was not Hazel. The couple did, however, remain together until son Jeremy Jackson was born in 1986 to a woman named Margaret Maldonado. Hazel and Jermaine divorced in 1987 after fourteen years of marriage as Jermaine expected a second child to Margaret. Jaimy Jackson was born later that same year to Hazel. Jermaine began his relationship with Margaret Maldonado in 1988 . A year later in 1989 Jermaine and Margaret had son Jourdyn Jackson. The couple lived together in the Jackson family home in California (owned by brother Michael) until 1994 when they separated, having never married.

A year after separating from Margaret Maldonado, Jermaine Jackson married Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza. Alejandra had previously left and divorced brother Randy Jackson the year before - after fourteen months of marriage. They shared daughter Genevieve and twins Randy Jr and Donte. However, after the divorce, Alejandra was granted custody and the children lived with their mother and step father (Uncle Jermaine) in the same Jackson house in California . In 1996 Jermaine and Alejandra had a child of their own together - Jaffar Jackson. They had a son together in 2000 named Jermajesty before their divorce in 2004 . This marriage of Randy's ex-wife was rumored to have caused a rift between the brothers. They have now, however, sorted it out as seen at brother Michael's trial.

Jermaine Jackson married his third wife Haleema Rasheed in 2004 after he permanently shifted to the Middle East. Though he resides in several estates, he doesn't live in America but merely visits his children who live with their mothers. They often visit the Jackson Family compound in the Los Angeles district of Encino.

Jermaine Jackson, who currently lives in Dubai and often resides in Bahrain , announced plans in 2006 to build an entertainment complex in Yerevan , Armenia that will see artists perform for local audiences. Jackson has told how he also plans to build a hotel, restaurant and television company as part of the venture. He has also expressed hopes of brother Michael Jackson attending the opening.

Jermaine Jackson
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