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MTV's Bill Bellamy Interviews Michael Jackson

Bill Bellamy: You, Janet, and the video [Scream] have been nominated for 11 MTV Music Video Awards, and that hasn't happened in the last decade. How does that make you feel?
Michael Jackson: Very, very honored, and I am sure Janet is too. We have worked very hard on it and to reap the fruits of his type of thing is a wonderful achievement. I am very, very happy.

Bill Bellamy: It's awesome! When I watch the [Scream] video, there's so much energy in the video; you guys are just like electric. What was it like working together, doing it, the dancing and the whole thing.

Michael Jackson: It was great because we love to dance and to get to dance with my sister reminds me of old times, cause it allowed us to play and goof off and throw stuff, and it was fun. The "making of" is as much fun as seeing the real short.

Bill Bellamy: You guys have to do another video for us [fans], 'cause we are loving it, man.

Michael Jackson: Thank you [smiling].

Bill Bellamy: When we look at your videos, they are every innovative, they are always on the cutting edge. How much are you involved in the creative process of the videos?

MJ: Very much. 'Cause, I pretty much come up with the concepts and I like to collaborated on - this one [Scream], I didn't come up with the concept, it was done by the directory - but I pretty much like to conceptualize and choreograph, but it's always a collaborative effort on everything.

Bill Bellamy: Of all your videos, when you think back on it, what is Michael Jackson's favorite video?

Michael Jackson: My favorite? Hmmm, probably something like Thriller to Smooth Criminal, I like kinda rough edge. We're gonna do more of that kinda stuff.

Bill Bellamy: You're gonna do more stuff like that?

Michael Jackson: Yeah.

Bill Bellamy: Oh, yeah [with excitement].... Michael, you're an artist known for producing your own material, but you also collaborate with a lot of others. How do you choose who you wanna work with?

Michael Jackson: Chee, uhm.. I pretty much don't, I pretty much don't pick the artist I want to work with. It kinda happens spontaneously, I think. They present something that I think is interesting and we kinda collaborate on it.

Bill Bellamy: Who would you like to work with that you haven't worked with, yet?

Michael Jackson: It would probably be somebody like Tchaikovsky or Claude Debussy - an artist that isn't around any more.

Bill Bellamy: Who were some of the people that you collaborated with on HIStory?

Michael Jackson: I worked with R. Kelly, I worked with Notorious B.I.G, I worked with Boyz II Men, who are phenomenal.

Bill Bellamy: Shequille told me.....

MJ: Yes, Shequille O'Neal, of course! He was great.

Bill Bellamy: He was really nervous, you know. He couldn't believe it, he wanted to scream, he said.

Michael Jackson: He was, he was great.

Bill Bellamy: So, was it a lot of fun?

Michael Jackson: Yeah!

Bill Bellamy: On the new video [You Are Not Alone], is a song that is written and produced by R. Kelly. How did you guys hook up?

Michael Jackson: It was a song he presented and I liked it. Actually, we produced this one together... It just is a wonderful song, he is a wonderful artist.

Bill Bellamy: It's a truly beautiful song. I mean, the first time I heard it, I liked it immediately. I mean, was it the same type of impact when you heard it too?

Michael Jackson: Yeah, for me, I always have to hear it twice.

Bill Bellamy: Two times!?

Michael Jackson: Even when I love it, I wanna hear it again. But I loved it!

You Are Not Alone video is shown.

Bill Bellamy: We rocked that, baby! [they shake hands]

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