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Off the wall - Michael Jackson

1.Don't stop 'til you get enough****
2.Rock with you***
3.Working day and night**
4.Get on the floor**
4.Off the wall*****
6.She's out of my life****
7.I can't help it****
8.It's the falling in love****
9.Burn the disco out**

Here are some informations about this Michael Jackson album:

  • Off the wall is Michael's first solo album
  • Michael won his first grammy(best R&B)for"Don't stop 'til you get enough" (he was nominated just in one category so he was very upset -the album was very successsfull that year; that's why he didn't go to the ceremony -he stayed home crying because he felt ignored ;he promised that his next album will be imposible to ignore )
  • Paul McCartney composed "Girlfriend" for Michael;he couldn't record the the song in that moment; after years Quincy Jones choose it for this album not knowing that it was written for Michael
  • "She's out of my life" is a very emotional song ;the real tears from the end increase the efect of the melody
"Off the wall" is a disco album from the artist youth that is full of happiness and exuberance!

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