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Thalia remembers Michael Jackson...
Thalia, Mottola's wife, was on a Latin American show talking about Michael since the show was a tribute and many Latin artists were invited to talk about Michael's influence in the Latin community. She said that, way before she was Tommy's wife, she was a huge fan. She said that she went to his Dangerous Tour 92' when he went to Mexico and that he was the most amazing thing she had ever seen.

They started asking her simple questions like her favorite song, and favorite outfits and things like that. But then, the reporter couldn't hold it any longer and asked her about the Michael/Mottola Feud.

She was very classy about the entire situation, and she answered every single question asked.
They asked her if the Feud continued up until the day of his death?

... She replied... "First of all, the fued did not continue with Tommy till the day of his death. Tommy is no longer President of Sony and if Michael had any difference with Sony, it was the company itself. Because Tommy left 2 years after Invincible. Michael and Tommy were on better terms.

... She then added.... "The fued ended a few weeks before I married Tommy. Tommy knew I was such a big fan of Michael, and I told him it was dispicable of him to have this ongoing problem with Michael."

"And with that, Tommy inivited him to our home. At first, Michael declined the inivitation, but then he said yes because I asked him personally. Once he arrived to our home, he began to walk around the house and look at all the pictures. Tommy had gone out and I was the hostess for Michael until Tommy got home. I was so nervous, but I tried to keep it casual, I didn't want him to think I was a crazy fan. He looked at the pictures quietly and then saw one of myself with a white rose on my ear. He picked it up and smiled at it and told me that I looked beautiful. I started shaking."
... She continued... "After about an hour, Tommy and Michael began to talk to each other when Tommy got home. I told Tommy personally, a day before, for him to apologize and that's exactly what he did. Michael hesitated, but he accepted his apology like a true gentleman. Micheal has such a beautiful soul. And after this, I handed Michael an invitation to our wedding with Tommy. But, he looked at it and quickly said he wouldn't be able to make it and said thank you anyways."

At the end, she spoke about her wedding day and she said that that entire night was amazing. They had several parties, but the last reception was at Mottola's house.

Thalia was greeting her guests as she then noticed a bunch of "big black suits" coming through the door and in between them, was Michael. She said she was so happy, that she felt her stomach drop. Michael walked up to her, congrtulated her, and gave her a small yellow box with a white ribbon on it. She said her eyes were glowing. And when she opened the box, it was a white rose.

He said, "Like in the picture."

She said she would never forget that day and she feels blessed to have met him on a personal account.

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