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Thriller - Michael Jackson

1.Wanna be starting somethin' **
2.Baby be mine ***
3.The girl is mine **
4.Thriller ****
5.Beat it *****
6.Billie Jean *****
7.Human nature ***
8.P.Y.T.(Pretty young thing) ****
9.The lady in my life ***

Here are some informations about this Michael Jackson album:

  • Thriller has sold in almost 60 milions copies everywhere in the world
  • it is the best sold album of all time(it is mentioned in Guinessbook)
  • this album was awarded 8 grammyes and a lot of other awards
  • "The girl is mine" is a colaboration between Michael and Paul McCartney(they were good friends in that period;they had a fight because of the Beatles catalog;Michael bought this catalog in the 80's and he won more money than Paul McCartney from Beatles; it prooved to be a very good investment for Michael:when he bought the catalog he paid $48,5 mil;today it worth $500 mil; "Thriller" has the best video in history;it was played for the first time on MTV and it was the most expensive video from that period)
  • Janet and La Toya sing in the background on "P.Y.T."
  • "Lady in my life" was a difficult project ;Quincy Jones (the producer) wasn't satisfied of Michael's singing even after a lot of rehearsals;he was too shy to really put heart into the song;so they turned off the lights and left Michael alone in the dark ;the result was a very sensitive and sensual song
Even if this album was released in 1982 it is very fresh,energic even now!It will make you feel better in no time! "THRILLER" is an album that you really should have in your collection!

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